Friday, March 04, 2016

Dr. Tim Anderson: Flabbergasted by Own Book!

My old friend Tim Anderson, whom I first met when we were both 18, attending Baylor, and living in the same dorm, has very recently seen his book see publication after his seeing it through various stages, and he is flabbergasted to finally see the actual result: a book bigger than his head! Which is odd since the book sprang from that same head . . .

Be that as it may, we had a brief exchange of emails, the first words being words of his, and these words of his refer to the photo above:
Tim: "Check this out . . . a sort of selfie."

Jeffery: "So . . . how many Tim Andersons are there in the world? Seriously, congratulations! May I put this photo on my blog?"

Tim: "Nahh . . . if you're gonna blog me, let me at least give you a better picture. Vanity."

Jeffery: "But the picture was the reason . . ."

Tim: "Ok, go for it . . . just don't make a fuel out of me."

Jeffery: "No worries, you won't look fuelish!"
Foolish, maybe, but never fuelish . . . so no auto-da-fé for you, my friend, despite the Spanish context! Anyway, this is great news for scholars who are curious about the construction and use of millstones in Southern Spain. Actually, the thesis - now, a book - is quite an interesting work in showing the links between this technology and the ongoing history of the region over the centuries . . ..



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