Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iranians Shouting "Go Al-Saud"?

"Go Al-Saud"

Sam Wilkin reports that "Iran complains to U.N. about Saudi 'provocations'" (Reuters, January 9, 2016), but despite official Iranian opposition to the Al-Saud regime in Saudi Arabia, based on centuries-long animosity between Shi'a and Sunni, we see that protests in Iran show surprising support for the Al-Saud regime among the protesters themselves!

In the photo above, for instance, protesters support the Al-Saud family with sports' fan enthusiasm, waving banners that urge the ruling family on toward victory, saying, "Go Al-Saud" - and presumably shouting that support as well with chants of encouragement:
"Go Al-Saud, Go! Show 'em What You Know!"
Either that . . . or the Iranians aren't getting their money's worth for the private English lessons they're secretly taking . . .



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