Friday, June 19, 2015

'Cradle Christians' - Going? Going? Gone?

Cradle Christians
Institute for Global Engagement/Cradle Fund
Sarah, a 95-year-old refugee in Erbil (December 2014)
She died March 2015

IGE president Chris Seiple wrote this article some two weeks back and titled it "The Last Gasp of the Cradle Christians?" (Christianity Today, June 8, 2015). Here's how he sees things:
The story never changes. Whenever ISIS terrorists approach an Iraqi or Syrian village, Christians are given a fateful choice: They can stay and pay a tax to ISIS. They can convert to Islam. They can be martyred as Christians. Or, they flee.
And this is ISIS at its most benevolent. Theoretically, Jews get the same treatment, but probably not actually so these days. Other religions have no right to exist at all under the rule of ISIS, which is why the Yazidis were taken captive - the men slaughtered, the women and children enslaved. And ISIS claims that in doing this, it is simply following Sharia, i.e., Islamic law.

Perhaps we should believe them?

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