Tuesday, January 06, 2015

More on Sex Slaves in the Islamic State

Mark Schliebs, writing in The Australian (January 2, 2015), cites an Australian jihadist fighting for the Islamic State, Abu Khalid, on the view that "Female slavery [is] the biggest honour for non-Muslim women":
Abu Khalid - who in June appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video but did not speak in it - made the comments after a non-Muslim girl asked him about his dancing abilities. "You should come to the Islamic state!" he said to the girl. "You can be a sabaya (slave), much more honour then (sic) being used and abused."

He then told another man that non-Muslim women "know their men's ain't treating them well". "Being a sabaya is the biggest honour for them And Allah knows best!"

The comments were made after Islamic State forced women and children of the Yazidi ­religious sect to be slaves who are often subjected to rape.

At least four Australian fighters have been identified as having Yazidi slaves, and horrific stories of their treatment - ­including sexual abuse - have emerged in recent weeks.

Last month, former Sydney boxer Mohamed Elomar uploaded a photo of a woman he said was one of seven Yazidi slaves he owned, telling Twitter followers he would sell her for $2500 and that "she won't dis­sapoint (sic) you".
There is no honor in being subjected to slavery, and that goes double or more for sex slavery. Islamists never honor infidels; they humiliate infidels. There mere fact that this needs to be said, that a refutation has to be made, shows how retrograde Islamist thinking really is.

At least, we can see the mental poverty of the dangerous fools focused upon in this article. We have to worry all the more, however, about the even more dangerous, intelligent Islamists out there, and not fall into a false sense of security based upon stupid Islamists like Abu Khalid and Mohamed Elomar.

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