Friday, June 21, 2019

My Critic's Fou-Scaldian Gaze

My Critic thinks that one wonders what Foucault might have to say:
One wonders what Foucault might have to say in terms of those privileging and legitimizing power/knowledge discourses which systemically erase the other as part of a process of social codification (the process imparting erasure as equally as anything parlayed by a so-called "ethnic nationalism").
One wonders? Really? One actually wonders what Foucault might say about anything? I think we already know everything he might have said. Look at what he said about what some scholars have called an 'Islamofascist' revolution. You can easily find it and his remarks on it somewhere on the internet. I guess some erasures are better than others.

Actually, some are. Better the bad guys get erased.



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