Monday, March 07, 2016

Boko Haram Fails to Manage the 'Savagery' it Created!

Abubakar Shekau
Leader of Boko Haram

Dionne Searcey, writing for the NYT, informs us already in her article's title that the Nigerian Islamist State adherents known as "Boko Haram Falls Victim to a Food Crisis It Created" (March 4, 2016), and her article itself offers this example:
This week, dozens of emaciated Boko Haram fighters, along with captive women and children, surrendered to military officials in Nigeria, a situation the authorities expect to repeat itself in coming weeks.
This mismanagement of Islamist savagery would be amusing if the food crisis were being experienced only by Boko Haram, but famine is afflicting everyone in the regions where Boko Haram has imposed its reign of terror.

Recall that "Boko Haram" means "Western Learning is Forbidden," and we see the results when rational thinking is rejected.



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