Saturday, December 05, 2015

Pensa-Cola - The Thinking Man's Soft Drink!

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A few days ago - to be precise, November 30th - the formidable Dr. Boli reminded us of Great Britain's great thirst for Empire, e.g., for Pensa-Cola:
"ON THIS DAY in 1707, the British failed to capture Pensacola. Great Britain has never recovered from the blow to her prestige."
Dr. Boli meant 1807, of course, but was surely correct that this was "Another embarrassing British failure."

And that's just the problem! Everybody's always going on and on about "another embarrassing British failure," as though all that the imperial British ever did was lose through embarrassing failures!

How come nobody ever talks about embarrassing British successes?

And where can I get hold of some Pensa-Cola?



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