Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Islamist Sarcasm Society - Loads of Fun . . . Re-Loads, too!

How Ironic

You'd think the Islamic State would be too busy in its genocidal war of theocratically based imperialism to have time for humor, and you'd be right, but there is time for sarcasm, irony's blunt, crude, unoriginal second cousin with a loud voice and just enough memory to mock your words:
A recent development in ISIS supporters' use of social media to recruit fighters and raise funds is their use of humor and sarcasm to defend the organization, spread its ideology, and criticize its opponents. At least two pro-ISIS Facebook accounts currently use a variety of visual tools to this end, including comic strips and memes . . . . The "5elafa [Caliphate] Sarcasm Society" and "ISIS Comic" pages have been actively posting pro-ISIS content such as these. ("ISIS Supporters On Facebook Use Humor, Sarcasm To Propagate ISIS Message," Memri, June 18, 2015)
That man above in the burqa is laughing his head off just to think that if he can only get the infidels to laugh their heads off, then he and his jihadi friends can use the time saved from decapitation duty for other genocidal fun and games .  . .

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