Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pleasant Jihadi Dreams . . .

Glorious Jihad

Memri (November 4, 2014, Clip No. 4585) recorded the words of "Islamic scholar [Hussein Muhammad Hussein] Pledg[ing] Allegiance to ISIS Emir Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Live on Al-Jazeera TV," and the man said a number of politically incorrect things about Islam that we aren't supposed to believe, let alone mention, but that he can say because he's an Islamist:
[A]ll the Arab peoples yearn for the rule of Islamic law . . . . Allah be praised, he gave me the honor to pledge allegiance to the Emir of the Believers, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, whether people like it or not . . . . Jihad is a duty carried out by the Caliphate . . . . Capturing infidel women is permitted by Islamic law . . . . Islam functions as both a religion and a state . . . . [The plan of ISIS is to] establish the Islamic State . . . . [in] all the Muslim countries . . . . The world is divided into two camps - the camp of heresy and the camp of faith. The infidels are the enemies of the Muslims . . . . If the whole world is infidel, we will be hostile toward it . . . . The world consists of Muslims and infidels. We are here, and they are there. We rule the Muslim lands, but if you attack us, you will see nothing but war - you and your lackeys . . . . The peoples that are not yet governed by the Caliphate yearn for it . . . . All of them, without exception. They yearn for the rule of Islamic law. Yes, [they yearn for] the beheading of the infidels, lowlifes, and criminals.
Very pleasant dreams . . . for Hussein Muhammad Hussein and other Islamists. Very unpleasant nightmares for the rest of us, but good to know what Islamists want. They certainly aren't trying to hide their aims, though they still practice deception. Hussein says that if non-Muslims attack the Islamic State, there will be war against the non-Muslims, but he doesn't add that there will be war against the non-Muslims anyway.

It's a game of heads I win, tails you lose . . .

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