Saturday, November 15, 2014

Yi Yook-sa: The Vertex

The Vertex
Yi Yook-sa
Translated and Introduced by Sung-Il Lee
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I had a surprise awaiting me when I stepped into the EPO yesterday, a copy of the poetry book depicted above, personally sent to me by the translator Sung-Il Lee himself - the Beowulf translator I've mentioned before - who wrote these words:
For Professor Horace Jeffery Hodges,
With best wishes,
Sung Il Lee
November 8, 2014
That was very kind of him. I'll have to treat him to a coffee, or a lunch, sometime soon.

Here's one of the poems:

Disheveled mane,

Eyes that have lost their luster,

Hair standing like chesnut bur -

Ah, horse, weary of a long journey!

Horse, worn with continual whipping!

Languidly drooping,

Tail falling down, as if lifeless,

Yet, hooves glistening in the frost -

Ah, horse, ready to scatter the clouds!

White horse, neighing to the New Year!
Nicely done! Thank you Professor Lee. Written by Yi Yook-sa in 1930, translated into English and published now, in 2014 . . .

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