Monday, December 09, 2013

Malcolm Pollack: Words on The Bottomless Bottle of Beer

Malcolm Pollack

I read Malcolm's blog, Waka Waka Waka, every day, occasionally commenting in some non-substantive, hopefully witty way that Malcolm tolerates from me since we're friends. I didn't even know he was reading my novella, The Bottomless Bottle of Beer, but there he was, abruptly recommending it under a post titled "Links":
Read this book.
I thanked him for that:
Thanks for plugging my little book. If readers accept your recommendation, I hope they like what I wrote -- or at least like Terrance Lindall's illustrations!
Malcolm replied:
You're welcome, Jeffery! I've just bought and read the book, and I thought it was brilliant. (I will have to read it at least once more, though, before I begin to grasp all the wordplay and references.)

It deserves a much wider audience.
I offered Malcolm a means of grading himself:
At some point, I can send you a 'cheat sheet' that gives away a lot -- though not all -- of the wordplays and references.
At that point, The Big Henry -- a regular commenter at Malcolm's blog -- responded:
I bought the Kindle book and [am] reading it as we speak. Please send the "cheat sheet" to me via Malcolm; he has my email address.
I have done so for The Big Henry . . . and for Malcolm, whose words I greatly appreciate. Malcolm is a very gifted, erudite fellow who knows science, music, literature, and culture generally, so he's not one to mince words (though he might be kind in my case). I hope that The Big Henry -- also a formidably intelligent, cultured individual -- doesn't feel let down by the actual story after it came so highly recommended . . .



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