Saturday, December 07, 2013

Bulgakov Renaissance?

"It was an enormous, black tomcat,
heavy, nearly as large as a hog,
sprawled out in an armchair
and apparently napping."
-Horace Jeffery Hodges
The Bottomless Bottle of Beer
Google Books

If I can believe noted Russian historian Orlando Figes, "Hamming Up Bulgakov" (The New York Review of Books, November 14, 2013), "Mikhail Bulgakov has enjoyed a renaissance during recent years" with his "hind-leg-walking cats and The Master and Margarita," which can only be good for my own 'Bulgakovian' satire. As I commented to Mr. Figes:
I'm glad to learn that "Mikhail Bulgakov has enjoyed a renaissance during recent years," for I fell in love with his works upon first reading The Master and Margarita way back in 1977.

Maybe I'm also caught up in that renaissance since I've recently penned a story with one of those "hind-leg-walking cats" you've noted.

Anyway, the television series sounds enjoyable even if it's not completely faithful to the original. Thanks for calling this to our attention!
In looking around for more on Bulgakov's great novel, I noticed Behemoth the cat sprawled out in an armchair on this cover of The Master and Margarita, Wordsworth Classics edition, and though I searched, I couldn't locate information on whom to cite as responsible for this great cover art, but it so closely fits my description of Behemoth when he first appears in my novella that I just had to borrow it for today's blog entry!

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