Saturday, November 30, 2013

Islamophobia is Real!

In 2010, Time Magazine asked, "Is America Islamophobic?" Now, in 2013, Commentary Magazine provides the statistics for 2012 that enable me to say, "Yes!" And here's the proof:
Of the 1,340 incidents of anti-religious hate crimes reported, 674 or 62.4 percent were anti-Jewish in nature. Only 130 incidents or 11.6 percent involved Muslim victims. These figures are not much different from those assembled by the government for previous years. In virtually every year, the number of anti-Semitic incidents is a multiple of those involving Muslims.
That's in a report "FBI Stats Again Belie Islamophobia Myth" (Commentary, November 26, 2013) by Jonathan S. Tobin. How these figures demonstrate Islamophobia might not be obvious to the mathematically challenged, so let me spell it out for the innumerates in a block paragraph to appear more official:
The number of anti-religious hate crimes in America is an enormous number: one thousand, three hundred, and forty-zero! Why, that's thirty-five letters, even without counting spaces, hyphens, and commas! A whopping number! But not nearly so big as the whopper that follows. Fully one-hundred and thirty equals eleven point six percent of these involved Muslim victims! That's fifty-five letters, counting every space -- twenty spaces more than the entire number of anti-religious hate crimes! How can that be? Shocking indeed! Moreover, these fifty-five letters fully dwarf the thirty letters (spaces and hyphens excluded) of the three-hundred and fifteen million of America's population!
And so, my friends, anytime anyone anywhere tries to argue that Americans are not Islamophobic, just send that individual to this Gypsy Scholar blog entry to set the person and the record straight!

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