Thursday, April 02, 2009

From En-Uk, More Art: Commissioned by Deva Hupaylo

Deva Hupaylo
Product of Arkansas

One of my old Ozark friends, Deva Hupaylo -- whom you see above standing (or possibly sitting) somewhere on America's Eastern Seaboard -- really liked En-Uk's art, and she asked me if he could do some artwork by 'commission'.

I took the issue up with En-Uk, and after long, careful, intensive thought, he instantly agreed to create more art, this time with the overt aim of making people cheerful. He thus started off with happiness:

Happiness (기쁨)

But possibly, you'd prefer some joy? En-Uk offers that, too:

Joy (기쁨)

"Hah!" you cynically snort? Okay, a big "ha" to you in turn:

Ha ()

Now for a little dip in the sea . . . but look before you leap:

Sea (바다)

On second thought, the forest looks more pleasant. Fewer sharks, anyway:

Tree (나무)

And now, because En-Uk just has to be En-Uk, here's the incredible . . . Hurk? Maybe it's 'Hurkules'?

Hurk (헐크)

A learned critic airs his opinion on these more recent works of En-Uk's art:

"I didn't like the smell" (방귀)

En-Uk, distraught by the soured ambience of a philistine critic, heads off for a real dip in the sea:

Spray (스프레이)

And there, he remains, where he likes to be: "under the sea . . . in an octopus's garden . . . in the shade."

Meanwhile, let the viewing public decide on En-Uk's art: better 'self-motivated' or better 'compelled'?

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At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pics, En Uk.
It's nice to see signs of joy, happiness and smiling faces.
That's much better than unpleasant laughter. The picture itself was good, but it reminded me of Mr. Unpleasant Laughter and Mr. Cynical Ramblings....actual personages.....who seem to delight in Uncle Fumble-fingers hitting the wrong keys while typing.
You were such a happy guy when you visited us last year. We had a good time playing WII games. I recall you jumping for joy when you bowled a strike.
By the way, some of the scenes from your Arkansas visit might make some great artwork.
Good work! Keep it up.
Uncle Cran

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Uncle Cran, I'll pass on to En-Uk your comments . . . even the one about the artwork "Unpleasant Laughter," though I'll have to explain about your assumption that it depicted me!

What a shock for En-Uk -- accused of creating representational art!

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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