Saturday, September 12, 2020

Missing Words In A Quran Manuscript

I became aware of this eighteen-minute video by Dr. Daniel Brubaker by way of the Islam Critiqued website. In this video, Dr. Brubaker introduces himself and talks about his research into variants in early Quran manuscripts, such as those found in Yemen in 1972. He shows a page from one of those manuscripts in which a few words are missing, compared to the Arabic Quran text most commonly used today. The differences are minor, in this case, and do not pose any theological problems for Muslims, excepting the singular doctrine that the Quran has been perfectly preserved to the last letter. Since a perfectly preserved Quran is fundamental to the Islamic insistence on the Quran's perfection, however, the problem is a major one indeed. We will see this become a great point of contention among Muslims themselves as they perceive the differences with their own eyes.


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