Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Yang Sung-tae on Korea's Constitution

Yang Seung-tae and I

My old friend Yang Seung-tae, writing "The Constitution deserves better" (JungAng Daily, March 26, 2018), nods in agreement that "Constitutional revision is definitely necessary," and he explains why:
As the situation changes, the Constitution, which defines the state's system and governing methods, needs to be updated to reflect those changes.
But he is skeptical that this revision is being undertaken with the proper seriousness:
Korean politics are stuck in a strange place. Worse than the ridiculous situation is the fact that not many people understand how absurd it is. The proposal for the constitutional amendment, for example, has no arguments backing it up.
He affirms that arguments could be made but aren't being made, so he expresses his view as follows:
I suspect that this constitutional amendment is another attempt to serve the liberal camp's vested interests.
I lack the knowledge to comment on this, so I leave to interested readers a link to take them to the article, where they can apply their own critical skills.



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