Monday, November 24, 2014

Michael Butterworth Exhibition: International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

Michael Butterworth
Prior Incarnation
The One on the Left
Photo by Ben Blackall

My friend Carter Kaplan - the intellectual and pragmatic force behind the Emanations anthology series - has informed me of a Michael Butterworth Exhibition of writings and art that is currently taking place in Britain and may even come to America. Moreover, the first volume of Emanations is also included and on display, as seen here, though I wasn't able to download a photo (which explains the 1998 photo above).

This exhibition is sponsored by The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, and is titled the Butterworth/Savoy Exhibition, with photos visitable here on Gareth Jackson's Flicker site.

Michael published an exceptionally impressive story - "Das Neue Leben," in the first of the Emanations anthologies - that plays upon old conspiracy theories in its portrayal of Hitler as having escaped the destruction that he had brought down upon Germany and living in genteel, though obscure comfort in his jungle mansion in South America, with a faithful German as 'lover' and an enormous, sinister serpent as pet.

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