Sunday, February 07, 2010

Germane Shaggy Dog Joke?

Super Shaggy Dog
(Image from Funny Dog Site)

There was once a poor man named Vere who wanted to be a dog, for he thought that even a dog's life would be better than the one that he had. As he obsessed on this thought, he wished with such longing that his very wish came true. He was transformed into a dog. A shaggy dog. A very shaggy dog. A very, very shaggy dog. A very, very, very . . . well, you get the picture.

Although to be a dog had been Vere's fervent wish, his life was not truly better. He no longer needed to worry about paying taxes, but there was still death to feel anxious about. To stave off death, he had to eat, but as a dog without a home, he had to be scrounging around for his next meal.

Stray dogs being forbidden in the city, Vere was soon picked up by the authorities and caged. Because his coat was so dirty and matted, he was subjected to the indignity of having it shorn. Furless, he shivered in his cold cage, snarled at his keepers, and even bit at them whenever they came near.

A few days of this, he was weary of a dog's life and longing for his old life back. He longed with such fervor that his wish again came true. He was transformed back into a man.

Finally, Vere was satisfied with his life, and reflecting at that moment on his misery as a shorn, aggressive dog, he said to himself:

"Vere, while a dog, you bit so shorn!"

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