Sunday, October 04, 2020

Fountain Filled with Blood

Here's a rather gory literary image, the product of a Protestant mind dwelling upon the salvific blood of Jesus:

There is a fountain filled with blood
drawn from Emmanuel's veins,
and sinners plunged beneath that flood
lose all their guilty stains.

There's more, but I'll not quote more. You can find the entire hymn here. The image in my mind was rather different from the one in the mind of an artist who painted the scene as he saw it, which is available here.

The contrast to mine is that I see Emmanuel lying in a hospital bed giving blood through numerous tubes that all lead to a fountain into which they express themselves with such force that a flood of that crimson tide bursts high up into the air and rains down upon the sinners in a mysterious way that does not stain them, but rather, washes them clean of all stain.

Now, that would be a thing to see!


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