Wednesday, September 23, 2020

PHAKE News Syndicate - Wildfires, an Upside?

According to David Ball, writing for Phys-Org News (September 19, 2020), "California wildfire smoke blankets parts of Canada":

"Smoke from California and Oregon wildfires has cloaked Canada's third-largest city of Vancouver - known for its majestic mountain views and fresh ocean breezes - in the dirtiest air in the world this week."

On the upside, according to some reports from competing news agencies elsewhere in the world (PHAKE News Syndicate), due to the massive marijuana industry in America's Pacific Northwest, much of the smoke probably comes from the large numbers of vast marijuana plantations in flames. Ball, still with Phys-Org News, observes that breathing the air in Vancouver is:

"equivalent to smoking eight cigarettes a day."

I would suggest that the equivalence totes up to more than merely eight marijuana cigarettes a day - especially if one breathing the air should report that the "chest feels like it's exploding" with deeply felt sensations, as Ball reports, once again for Phys-News Org.

Many residents are doubtless happy with the situation, taking unusual advantage of the free tokes.


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