Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Municipal Root

Looking into the etymology of words is always fun, and since I'm stuck with munus, I wondered if "municipal" were linked, and here's what I found:
The second element is -cipere, combining form of capere "assume, take," from PIE root *kap- "to grasp." The first element is from munus (plural munia) "service performed for the community, duty, work," also "public spectacle paid for by the magistrate, (gladiatorial) entertainment, gift," from Old Latin moenus "service, duty, burden," from Proto-Italic *moini-, *moinos- "duty, obligation, task," from PIE root *mei- (1) "to change, go, move," with derivatives referring to the exchange of goods and functions or obligations within a society as regulated by custom or law.
This could go on and on, but my central point is established: an analysis of munus was not necessary to my distinction between ethnic and civic nationalism. My critic advanced the point just to show how smart and well-read he is.



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