Saturday, February 18, 2017

Daniel Pinkston Puts On His Thinking Cap

Kent, Mark, Eric, and I went out out drinking yesterday evening and were joined by Daniel A. Pinkston, a Northeast Asian regional expert who once worked with the International Crisis Group but now teaches international relations at Troy University. Here he is below, a tough hombre, pre-beer:

Next comes his beer and his transformation:

At the sight of the tiger smoking, Daniel found himself caught felinely up in the colorful, imaginative new world of the cat:

That is, the new world of the 'Pussyhat' Cat, bringing you a kinder, gentler hombre:

Now, if that don't trump all! More another time, perhaps . . .

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At 11:43 AM, Anonymous John Reidy said...

Dan, what the hell are you doing wearing that pussy hat? I don't think anybody in the world looks more ridiculous in a pussy hat than you.


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