Friday, July 29, 2016

'Spy-Dear' Man, 'Spy-Dear' Man . . .

Jerusha Abbott, author of "When the Sophomores Won the Game," discovers her 'Spy-Dear' is displeased that she wishes to accept a scholarship from the college rather than continue receiving money from him:
September 26th

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs . . .

I found your letter waiting for me - pardon - I mean your secretary's.

Will you kindly convey to me a comprehensible reason why I should not accept that scholarship? I don't understand your objection in the least. But anyway, it won't do the slightest good for you to object, for I've already accepted it - and I am not going to change! That sounds a little impertinent, but I don't mean it so. I suppose you feel that when you set out to educate me, you'd like to finish the work, and put a neat period, in the shape of a diploma, at the end. But look at it just a second from my point of view. I shall owe my education to you just as much as though I let you pay for the whole of it, but I won't be quite so much indebted. I know that you don't want me to return the money, but nevertheless, I am going to want to do it, if I possibly can; and winning this scholarship makes it so much easier. I was expecting to spend the rest of my life in paying my debts, but now I shall only have to spend one-half of the rest of it. I hope you understand my position and won't be cross. The allowance I shall still most gratefully accept. It requires an allowance to live up to Julia and her furniture! I wish that she had been reared to simpler tastes, or else that she were not my room-mate.

Good night, Daddy dear, and don't be annoyed because your chick is wanting to scratch for herself. She's growing up into an awfully energetic little hen - with a very determined cluck and lots of beautiful feathers (all due to you).


As we see, the 'Spy-Dear' wants to keep Judy (Jerusha) in his clutches, dependent on him, but she sounds determined to fly off on her own!


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