Monday, February 08, 2016

He's a stud-stud, stud-stud, stud-stud, study machine . . .

Kim Chung-woon
Photo by Chung Hee-cho
The Korea Herald

Korea Herald reporter Kim Hoo-ran interviews Kim Chung-woon on how "Studying is the key to owning your life" (February 5, 2016):
Kim Chung-woon, formerly a psychology professor and who now calls himself a "creator," is perfectly at home in his basement office in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul . . . . Kim's office is a veritable man cave: . . . Walls lined with massive bookshelves holding volumes and volumes of books; a long desk from Japan that is crafted out of a very old tree trunk; a little nook with an easel and painting paraphernalia; a complex high-end sound system and a couch positioned just so you can appreciate the full impact of whatever may be blasting out of monstrous speakers . . . . "Well, this is a best-selling author's place," Kim says nonchalantly . . . . when I remark that visitors must envy this space. His latest book . . . has been top of the best-seller's list at a major online book store for three consecutive weeks. Several of his previous books have also been bestsellers.
One might then expect Kim to respond that writing is his most enjoyable activity, but:
For Kim, studying is the most fun thing. "Studying involves defining something that you like, giving it depth, clarity," he explains. Perhaps it is only natural that an academic scholar would cite studying as fun. "From my experience, intellectual achievement is the most fun thing. There is an ecstasy in learning something you didn't know before," he says.
Well, that's fine for him, but I'd rank studying second among "fun" things to do. My first is writing, but I can add that only when I'm writing do I really learn.

Hence this blog.



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