Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sun-Ae has an altitude problem . . .

No, not an attitude problem! An altitude problem! Her report:
I have just arrived in Atacama, Chile after visiting Uyuni and other parts of Bolivia. In Uyuni we started a 3 days' tour, and I [was] . . . sick most of the time. I . . . had a headache . . . [and] could not eat. I missed a lot of nice scenery because I had to lie down or stay in the car. The altitude was 4800 meters at the highest point. I thought I had suffered enough before but I seemed not to [be] able to get used to the altitude.

Now we have arrived in the hostel near the border, I feel immediately better.
She's also having technical difficulties in sending photos, but a few have reached me, and they tell this story:

"Looks pretty dry . . ." Sun-Ae muses, yet a closer look reveals life, though not life as we know it:

"To be frank, such prickly life is life as I'd prefer not knowing too intimately!" she thinks. "And I'd need water! Oh, here's some now - cool, clear water."

"I can hardly wait to guzzle some down!" she thinks, her thirst growing.

"Looks a bit icy. Must be really cold water at this altitude!" Her thirst grows in anticipation. "Ah, all that fresh, cold water just waiting for me . . ."

The 'water' turns out to be the stagnant dregs of a salt lake. Ever thirstier, Sun-Ae and her team pile into their SUVs and continue their search for water. "Keep driving, Dan - we'll soon find water . . ."

Sun-Ae waking up: "Oh, thank God! It was only a dream!"

Disembodied Voice: "No, dear. This is a dream. You're really still in the desert, looking for water . . ."



At 2:04 AM, Anonymous Michael S. Pearl said...

When we went to Peru, we traveled with and used Diamox to head off altitude sickness. It worked well. That and the coca tea which was readily available. While youths were having a tough time, we breezed along without difficulty.

At 6:54 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I'll let her know.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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