Thursday, August 27, 2015

All Good Things Must End . . .

I had dinner Monday evening with the former director of the department in which I work, and since she was glad to be free of that department's duties, I presented her with this enveloped bottle:

On the image, if you click on it, I think you'll be able to see the word "Freedom" printed in my own inimitable penmanship - not that anyone would want to imitate it - along with a few other words, i.e., "For all your help," for she did help me adjust to the department after several stints in English departments. But so as not to bore you with biography, I'll turn now to the visible bottle in all its free glory:

Yes, you are looking at the Faustino I from the Rioja wine region of Spain, and the vintage is 2001, apparently a very good year. We therefore decided to drink it over our meal as, ironically, we talked about the department and where it is headed.

I gather that freeing oneself from the department doesn't come easy . . .

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