Monday, October 13, 2014

Trafika Europe Now Online

Some weeks back, I posted a bit on Trafika Europe, mainly on etymological musings, even going so far as to contact Andrew Singer, the editor of the journal, and inquire about the origin of "trafika," and I received a reply:
Greetings Jeffery and thanks for the post on Trafika Europe on your blog. Regarding your question:

The previous project, the print quarterly Trafika, began in Prague. A "trafika" in Czech language is a little kiosk or the like where you can get a little of everything -- daily paper, cigarettes, chewing gum -- part newspaper stand, part corner shop. This is where the name of the project comes from.
That was good to know, and thereby increased my vocabulary! And as reward for my curiosity, I was allowed a preview and given permission to blog on it as a teaser if I wished:
I've just now looked through it page by page . . . , and it all looks great. I'll not do a teaser, though, since I doubt I could do the volume justice. I'll wait for its debut. Keep me posted!
To get to the point, the journal is now online, and I urge readers to visit the website and read the stories and all other literary forms found therein. The journal really is great!

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