Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Rum and Coca-Cola" and getting bombed with friends!

The Barberettes
Seoul Beats

Lately, I've been enjoying this group -- The Barberettes -- on YouTube. They do a wonderful cover of "Rum and Coca-Cola" -- from which performance is taken the above photo.

Listening to "Rum and Coca-Cola" reminded me of an old Berkeley friend because I first heard the song with her, albeit the Andrews Sisters version (not the more explicit Lord Invader version), so I sent her a link and reminded her:
First time I heard this, I was in your car. I think your friend from Hong Kong was also in the car . . .
She soon replied:
Funny how we remember things, isn't it? I have no memory of this, but you do (and I have a terrible memory!).

Speaking of memories (and booze!): was it you who introduced me to Wild Turkey Bourbon whiskey? I mentioned to Don (husband) the other day that I liked it, but I couldn't remember the first place I had tried it. Maybe in one of those slightly scary bars we used to hang out in?
I couldn't quite believe she had forgotten hearing that song with her Hong Kong friend and me, so I decided to jolt her memory:
I remember because I'd never before heard the song. I also recall you telling Annie (if that's her name) that you liked the song, and you joked that you weren't being politically correct or showing much solidarity with your third-world 'sisters.'

You then stopped the car in the middle of the road and gave a 30-minute lecture on the evils of capitalism and about how feminists should adopt Marxist views on the necessity of revolution for genuine equality. Other drivers were honking their horns and cursing you, but you didn't care! You shook your fist at them and called them running dogs of capitalism! Some of those enraged drivers jumped out and dashed over to your car and started pounding on it and shaking it. You screamed at them that you had wired a bomb to your engine and that it would be set off the next time you turned on the ignition. As the mob scattered, you rolled down your window and yelled, "That's right, run away, you running dogs, you metaphorical sons-of-bitches!"

The entire episode was quite exciting, and I'm surprised you don't remember . . . but as you say, you have a terrible memory . . .

Yes, I believe I was the one who introduced you to Wild Turkey, but that was probably my first time to drink it, too.
She quickly wrote back protesting -- a bit too much, I think -- that I was slightly exaggerating:
Harumph. Even *I* can recall that the car episode you describe didn't occur!

I'm glad we solved the Wild Turkey mystery, though . . .

Yes, my friend's name was (and is) Annie. At least that much is true!
Don't trust her on any of this, for I can trump her harumph! She claims to recall that something didn't occur! How can one recall that something did not take place? I think we can only recall what did happen!

But perhaps those with terrible memories can just make things up!

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