Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kind Email from Latvia!


Last week, a man named Janis Krumins asked if I would put his rhyme desk on my blog roll, so I did -- and I also blogged on his request. He, in turn, was very understanding of my attempts at wit, and posted the following email in reply:
Thank you for your support and your witty reply in your blog. English is my third language and I have lots of room for improvement:)
I would guess his second language is Russian. His first is presumably Latvian (or Lettish), but he is linguistically bold, for he's going to read my book:
I have ordered your book. It looks interesting - I like Bulgakov and Dostoevsky is currently my favorite writer, so I hope I will enjoy your book as well.
I hope so, too, or we'll both be embarrassed! But a good beer would settle everything:
As you correctly noted I live in Latvia. If you ever come to Riga, please let me know, I would be very happy to meet you in person. Some of Latvian beers are very good;)
I probably won't make it to Riga, which is a pity since it looks quite lovely:


That image above would be the old town, but the new part also looks great! As you can see for yourself if you look around on Google Images . . .

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