Friday, June 13, 2014

Janis Krumins's "Rhyme Desk"

Janis Krumins

A Latvian named Janis Krumins contacted me a couple of days ago with a request:
Hi Horace,
Not a good start since I try to make clear that I go by "Jeffery." Anyway:
My name is Janis.
I wasn't sure if that name were male or female, but the site linked to above says male, assuming that's the right site. Here's what he wrote by way of introduction:
I've visited your "Gypsy Scholar" blog today and I really like it. Lots of curious articles about religions and geopolitics. Not that I agree with all of it but still interesting and informative. I highly recommend BBC documentary film "Power of Nightmares" on the topic of raise of radical Islam.
Thanks for the recommendation . . . though I have little time for watching programs. I prefer the efficiency of transcripts.
Though you won't like it, if you are a republican:)
As I see from the smilely face, that's a joke (though the "r" should be "R"). But seriously, folks, I make no assumptions about people's political leanings determining their response to my posts. One must sift truth from falsehood everywhere. Think for oneself. Complete disclosure: in my home state registry (Arkansas), I'm officially Democrat . . .
Back to the original topic I wanted to start with - I run a site with rhyming dictionary and other useful tools for writers. Here is link.
Looks interesting.
If you have a spare minute, please, check it out. Comments and suggestions for improvement would be most welcome!
Looks perfect to me . . . except the rhyming dictionary found no rhyme for "orange"! Hence also nothing for "orange juice"! Aren't you supposed to be working on that oversight?
Also I was wondering, if you would consider adding it to your list of online reference works.
By "it," you mean your "rhyming dictionary"? Sure! Happy to! Check my blogroll (right-hand margin of this blog).
Many thanks and please keep up the good work!
I'll try . . .
Janis Krumins, Webmaster
Jeffery Hodges, Wortmeister . . .

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