Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Speaking of LITERally 'pour' translations . . .

Aleston Brown Ale
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This one tricked me, as I admitted to a fellow beer aficianado:
I tried a new beer this weekend. The can said "Aleston Brown Ale" and showed London's Tower Bridge, so I bought a can to sample at home. The first sip was okay, a bit of hoppiness, but that faded fast, and the rest of the experience was like drinking water. I looked closer, this time with reading glasses, and saw that this beer was merely a "Classic British Style Beer"! I had my daughter check the small print, in Korean, and she said, "O.B. beer." So much for that!
This attempt by Oriental Brewery to 'translate' a British brew into Korea just didn't work, and if this is the best we can expect from O.B., then the true craft beer industry here in Korea can expect to gain ever greater market share!



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