Saturday, January 04, 2014

Jae Youn Chung Writes Home . . .

Jae Youn Chung in Dark Glasses

One of my former students, Jae Youn Chung, also worked in the E-Lounge, so we grew to know each other quite well since my weekly three required hours in the lounge often fell during her own work hours, plus she had an art exhibition there in the lounge that served as inspiration for discussion, and I came to be sufficiently impressed with this triple-major (or quadrupal-major?) student to readily agree on proofreading her application letters to various graduate schools! In return, she sent me a brief just-past-New-Year's-Eve note from the school she decided on:
Hi, Jeffery,

How are you? It's 2014!! How crazy is that?! Hope you are great and well with your beautiful family. Have a blasting year!

Best wishes from London,

Jae Youn :)
Jae Youn entered London's Courtauld Institute of Art last autumn to study art restoration, but promised to keep in touch, and she has! I replied:
Dear Jae Youn,

Thanks for the note -- I was wondering how you're doing. I know you must be very busy.

I'm doing well (aside from the flu) -- I've even joined Facebook. As you see, though, it's not a personal page, but a business site, so I can't 'like' other people's Facebook pages -- I guess that'd be a sort of 'spam', since a business shouldn't just go about linking to personal sites.

Anyway, scroll down to the photo of me and my wife to see some good news about our translation work on The Soil, by Yi Kwang-su! And my Amazon page now has four good reviews. The book is slowly selling . . . but sometime, I expect a surge of sales.



PS I also gave a reading of the first chapter.
She replied on my Facebook page:
I think she was amazed that I had actually dressed up! Speaking of AMAZING:

Sartorial splendor and feminine charm . . .

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