Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jihadi Leader in Syria Prays for Peace

Sheik Saqr Al-Jihad
May Be Closer Than Appears

Short entry this morning on a prayer for peace in Syria by Sheik Saqr Al-Jihad:
Oh Lord blah blah blah make us victorious soon. blah blah blah Oh Lord blah blah blah Grant us victory. blah blah blah Oh Lord, we are not here because we love this world, but because we want to chop [the enemies'] heads off. blah blah blah
What? You see nothing peaceful in this prayer? Maybe you ought to have your own head examined? Get your brain washed? Have it infused with proper understanding of this sheik's spiritual position? Let me put it as succinctly as possible: If all enemies' heads get chopped off, there'll be perfect peace. You had better understand that. Or else you just might need to suffer an excess of peace yourself.

But you may have to be longsuffering in your wait for that perfect peace, for this prayer was raised to the heavens back in April, yet the good sheik still has enemies in Syria who have yet to lose their heads over his prayer and thus continue fighting him with heads attached firmly to necks.

I reckon they just don't believe in perfect peace.

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