Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cousin Bill Disagrees With Wife Cheryl And Gets Proven . . . Right?

The Colors Purple?
Or Pink?

Cousin Bill occasionally misspeaks, but his wife Cheryl helpfully corrects him -- as do all wives all husbands all the time -- and in a previous "Weekly Rambling," he referred to his and Cheryl's "purple crape myrtle" tree, the color of which became a minor point of mild disagreement between man and wife . . . or maybe between husband and woman? Anyway:
I thought I'd posted another error as Cheryl questioned "our purple crape myrtle" with "I think it's pink" . . . [and] that left me wondering if too many AB's had left me color blind . . . [but] neighbor Les came to the rescue on that . . . [when ]he snipped a pink flower from one of his bushes, a flower from ours, and we cautiously approached the doubter with evidence in hand . . . receiving [a concession:] "I'll be, it is purple . . . for a change you guys are right." Aha.
Aha indeed! Savor it, Bill. Seldom does a man emerge victorious in a disagreement with a woman, and even then, the glory of that moment fades as fast as those felled flowers Les bore as evidence in this garden variety dispute.

Let my blog post serve as reminder . . .


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