Saturday, November 03, 2012

Terrance Lindall - Bottomless Bottle Film Noir

Bloody Flaming Bottle of Beer
Cover Page and Movie Poster
Our Hero and the Seductive Hella
Terrance Lindall

Terrance is still working on my story's illustrations in his New York office despite untoward circumstances in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. First comes an image previously posted (if I recall), but now newly colored, the devilishly ridiculous and impossibly tall demon Koroviev waiting to board the bus within which our hero rides, headed for Café Griboyedov:

Next comes a depiction of the obviously impossibly tall Koroviev asking the fare price, though why he asks remains forever mysterious, for he never pays, considering any price unfair -- though he occasionally pays an 'unfare' (as he calls it) with Russian roubles that later turn to worthless scraps of paper:

Soon arrives the moment when Koroviev accosts our hero and inquires if he might have the seat, much to our hero's consternation, who imagines that the tall, bowing stranger wants to take the seat from him:

The misunderstanding is quickly resolved, however, and Koroviev skillfully succeeds in charming our hero . . . sort of:

Things don't look good at this point for our somewhat naive hero, but he is not a man to be underestimated, as this new neo-noir trailer proves . . .

UPDATE: The trailer appears unavailable for the present -- I'll check with Terrance.

UPDATE II: Some glitches have to be ironed out, but Terrance can't get back to his workroom due to the aftermath of the hurricane that struck NYC.

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