Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Stunning Ozark Photographs by Tim Ernst

Remember this image from an Ozark winter? I borrowed it last November 26th from the website of famed Ozark photographer Tim Ernst:

It might not look so large, you may be surprised to learn -- courtesy of my Cousin Bill -- that this falls has a twenty-five-foot drop, roughly eight meters! In the photograph below, only recently snapped, you see where the water enters:

That hole is five feet across, over four and a half meters, and the weather is obviously far milder, as befits March in the Ozarks. By clicking over to Mr. Ernst's March 2012 Journal B and scrolling down from beginning to end, you can find a lot of text if you want the context to this image, along with twenty other photographs, many of startling beauty, such as this one of a lone pine:

In case anyone is interested in geographical knowledge, most of the twenty-one photos, if not all of them, were taken in the Boston Mountain region of the Ozarks, the most rugged part of the greatly eroded plateau, through which runs the Buffalo River amidst high bluffs. Visit the area from where you now sit by clicking on the link provided above.

Mr. Ernst's work is available for purchase, as well, so you can even bring the Ozarks into your own home . . .

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