Thursday, October 20, 2011

NoZe Brotherhood: Exterior Decorating of Baylor University

Some photos landed in my emailbox this morning from my old frat club at Baylor University, the Noble NoZe Brotherhood, Inc. For readers unfamiliar with the NoZe, just think of it as a satirical fraternity of secret members who adopt outrageous pseudonyms like "Brother AgNoZetic" or "Brother NebuchadNoZer" and wear Groucho Marx nose-glasses, along with wigs, false beards, and tuxedos, all to protect their identities since they're often at odds with the Baylor administration for some of the satirical articles that they publish in The Rope -- their satire of the campus paper, The Lariat -- and some of the stunts that they pull on Baylor's very religious grounds. For some reason, Baylor dislikes the NoZe's attempts to beautify the campus through exterior decorating.

For instance, consider the Burleson Quadrangle in this photo from Wikipedia:

Nice enough . . . but it can surely be beautified with a bit of NoZe aesthetics:

In case that's too obscure to see clearly, perhaps this detail will help:

The towering spire on Burleson Quadrangle is graced with a super-sized version of Groucho Marx nose-glasses and thereby unofficially . . . indicted . . . abducted . . . inducted into the NoZe Brotherhood.

But the administration of Baylor, for reasons obscure to me, doesn't want Burleson Quadrangle known as a NoZe member, and often threatens to "kick the NoZe off campus," at times even following through on the threat!

The NoZe thus too often suffers the consequences of its irrepressible mischievousness, hence the collective lament: "Nobody NoZe the trouble I've seen . . ."

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