Monday, October 17, 2011

En-Uk's Self-Portrait

En-uk Sequoya Hwang

My twelve-year-old son and aspiring artist has posted the above image at his art blog as one of his latest works and has titled it "Hair" and written:
This drawing is called "Hair." I made this drawing because my hair is very short. Bye.
En-Uk's hair is short because he plays soccer and wanted it short to keep cool in hot games. I suppose the sun does beat down rather hard on the sidelines . . . but En-Uk seems to be having second thoughts about his crewcut and apparently imagines himself undergoing a hair-raising experience. I, however, imagined a different scenario:
En-Uk, you're toast!
To which En-Uk countered with a calm, simple:
In other art news, En-Uk shows himself to be into 'Found Art', a movement of which he is "The Champ" -- despite other claimants to the throne!

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