Thursday, September 02, 2010

Daughter Sa-Rah's "Music Lover" Blog . . .

Sa-Rah Ahyoga Hwang
Netting Only the Best in Music

My thirteen-year-old daughter, Sa-Rah, has followed younger sibling En-Uk's lead and started her own blog -- also an 'art' blog, but the art of music. She intends to blog daily, but we'll see. Diurnal blogging can be a burdensome chore if one's not cut out to be a blogger. But she's started out well enough:
Today, being the first day that I'm starting to blog about something, I needed to think about what I would enjoy writing about. Art, and especially music, being one of my favorite interests, I'm thinking about writing many things about the artists and songs that I love so much and listen to everyday. Many of the artists or singers that I admire are South Korean and American, so I expect there to be a chance for any one who reads this blog to learn about South Korean Music. I believe that it is always good to be able to connect to different cultures and styles of music and art, or just about anything, because you can learn a lot from those things.
Hmmm . . . a multiculturalist. Well, that's perhaps to be expected, given her bicultural, bilingual background. I have, after all, done my best to ensure that she have a hillbilly side to her otherwise Korean character.

You can read the rest of her inchoate entry at Music Lover . . .

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