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Now for some more godless ramblings...

C.S. Lewis
Another Godless Rambler?
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Since Silly Sally and her acolytes object to my godless attention to Tiber-Swimmer Robert Koons, perhaps it's time to return to that article in which Koons was training for his swim.

But maybe you didn't know about my godlessness? Well, first from Silly Sally (aka Harvard Man):
I "sense" a thin coat of religious profession behind the surface of Gypsy Scholar's heart, hiding the inside from view; ... I sense ungodliness alive beneath.
Next, from Silly Sally's anonymous acolyte:
Maybe, there is a huge resevoir of ungodliness underneath that religious exterior.
I don't know quite when my 'religiosity' became an issue since I've neither focused on my private views nor ever suggested that I possess any special sanctity. I guess that I'm nevertheless a hypocrite because if I discuss religious issues, then I'm presenting myself as religious but must be pretending because I won't reveal my personal religious views in detail. But as I once told Silly Sally, I'm not interested in discussing my personal faith online with her, for I don't trust her -- nor do I know that I can trust all of the hundreds of people visiting my blog daily. Anonymous Acolyte is a fine example of why I shouldn't reveal too much of myself online, for The Acolyte -- being unsure of how to attack me spiritually -- attacks my 'priggishness' instead:
You are a prig using his own arbitrary standard as a hammer of malice against a unique personality. You can call your Procrustean bed simple blog propriety. But, to others it looks like mean spirited priggery. Discerning inspection reveals Sally to be quite proper.
Anonymous Acolyte was defending Silly Sally's right to self-expression of this sort:
Sonagi, You Buddha-bitch ex-Mormon niggard.
That was Silly Sally's 'humorous' (I suppose) response to Sonagi's criticisms. I reckon that I should be grateful to Silly Sally and The Acolyte for demonstrating to me the way, the truth, and the life through their own online behavior. But their pseudonymous and anonymous status leaves me wondering to whom I should be so grateful for such scriptural forthrightness and spiritual courage.

But let's turn again to Robert Koons, who avoids ad hominem and signs his own name to his words. Here, speaking still as a Lutheran -- in the pdf file of his "Lutheran's Case for Roman Catholicism" (July 13, 2006) -- he makes an intriguing analogy between Lutheran views and Gnostic ones concerning the nature of the body:
The Lutheran conception of glorification embodies a kind of Gnosticism, wrongly identifying our sinfulness with our physical bodies. Lutheran theologians assume that the death of our mortal bodies will, all by itself, free us forever from the propensity to sin, as though sin's reality in our lives is grounded entirely in our physical aspects. In fact, Paul uses the word 'flesh' (sarx) to refer to aspects of our lives that are entirely mental, intellectual and spiritual in nature (such as envy or pride). If our soul is still 'fleshly' at death, the mere separation of that soul from our bodies will not suffice to correct its disordered state: a process of purification after death will be required.
Why does Koons say this? Because in his studied opinion:
The core of the Lutheran position then, seems to be that this transformation [into a sanctified state] (i.e., our final glorification) must occur instantaneously and willy-nilly at the death of the believer -- that no active cooperation by us is involved. Lutherans in effect insist that sanctification has nothing to do with glorification -- we are all equally and immediately glorified at death, regardless of how far our sanctification has progressed, and this final step requires no cooperation or suffering on our part.
In other words, once free of the corrupt, physical body, the Christian soul is instantly sanctified. Hmmm.... Well, Lutheranism isn't my tradition, so I can only accept (provisionally, anyway) what Koons has stated, but I confess that I have noticed a tendency in Protestant rhetoric toward a sort of Gnostic denigration of the world.

Take an example from Silly Sally's comments:
The world is ever the same; one huge mass of sin and ungodliness . . . . It must be you who are changed; it must be you who die to it. Now, is it not true that it is the meeting of the two worlds in one embrace, which gives the [outside] world all its power to ensnare and entangle your feet? . . . . Let the worldly spirit be but crucified in your breast, then you shall be like the dying man who has no sympathy with the living world. You will be transformed: transcendent orientated. You will gladly seek pie in the sky.
Some of this I can agree with, but the concluding remark leaves me wondering. Pie in the sky? Lurks there here a quasi-Gnostic denigration of things physical, of an evil cosmos, of a hopelessly corrupt body?

I don't know, but rhetorically, Silly Sally's words indicate denigration of the world. My question partly turns on the ambiguity in the term "world." What is meant here? Is one not to enjoy things of the created world as gifts from God? Is life just one vale of tears, a painful pilgrimage through the shadow of death?

Or is one allowed to enjoy a fine wine -- maybe even, along with C.S. Lewis, an occasional pipeful of tobacco?

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At 8:31 AM, Blogger Hathor said...

The fine points of religion are mind boggling. I think I just would rather dance into trance like the Dervish or

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Hathor, I guess that you're right, for my mind gets boggled repeatedly on this topic.

Is Vodoun a variant on Voodoo?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed a thing or two about this web stuff Jeff. You get a feller or shall we say "lady", who has an opinion to offer. That person looks not to their own salvation but prefers instead exhibitionism of the most anonymous sort. Whether their personal aim is attaining nearness to God is immaterial; their works online one might only betray a desire is to wreak a demon's koan.

Is it incumbent to witness one's faith? If it is so, then does anonymity, in its' basest form further that goal? Is it necessary to proselytize the "infidel", whomever the witness, if that witness couches his/her admonitions, ignoring (provided it is a Christian doctine) the Book of Isiah?

Do conundrums; does the lack of wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the agreeing phrase of religious authenticity from unknown questioners doom one to Hell?

Does killing and eating the flesh of whales living in the sea deny Biblical doctrine? Any animal? Planting a fig tree, having a neighbor see that tree and cut it down to warm his family; has Sin been committed?

Does one turn a cheek? Does one put to the sword any who fail to have on their t-shirt the suitably emblazoned and agreeable phrase? Shall humankind say, "Kill them all, God will know His own".

Unfortunately for some, depending upon their sense of entitlement, and self appreciation; societies and governments seem to have been formed among humankind to avoid, for the most part wholesale slaughter.

I lack the ability to argue everything from Augustine to Zeno, and I have no desire to exit from the closet in which I pray to proclaim a Universal Truth. I cannot hope to debate any who advertise their spiritual advancement or superiority. But neither do I suspect that they be angels.

For the most part I simply declare, I have learned much from this site. I enjoy the civility of the comments (for the most part) which I have seen posted for discussion. I will admit further that when I was a younger man, consensus, not accusation, belittling, nor useless argument was the more useful tool.

But of course Viet Nam was on every night.

Harshal Decker

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Hathor said...

I am not sure a variant, but another name. I think it has to do whether it is US or the Caribbean.

At 10:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hathor, Jeff,

I recall seeing it spelled that way in a report on Haiti which was prepared and forwarded to DC during the time that Wilson first sent troops in 1915.

Just an aside but (I know I get too off on this subject of democracy building). In 1891 the US first occupied Haiti to "restore democracy". More to do with the Roosevelt Corollary (Teddy) than the Monroe Doctrine.

Woodrow sent troops on July 28'th 1915. The other Roosevelt withdrew August of '34. but he sent troops back in in '41, this was due to a Haitian president duly elected (Vincent) getting a third term. (Irony?)

Anyway, "Vodoun" the spelling was included in a report to FDR, October of '41.

The report stated in part, "important leaders of the towns are inciting 'voudon dancing and practice' in an apparent effot [sic] to undermine the Marines".

Sorry, but this is something I've spent a bit of time on. Of course if ya'll can do an FOI, you'll find my name attached to a report from 1997. Real name of course. Jeff knows.


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Thanks, Harshal Decker, you makes several good points, and I'm glad that you find my site civil. I sometimes have to be uncivil to keep the place civil.

I guess that's a sort of paradox.

Anyway, thanks, Harshal Decker... Hmmm... that name strikes a chord somehow.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 1:04 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Hathor, I guess that I could look it up (if I weren't so lazy), but JK has done the legwork for us -- though he seems to have done that legwork some time ago.

A student is waiting, so I'm off.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Thanks, JK, for the information. You recall all that stuff?

Given where I live, I probably won't be requesting any FOIs anytime soon...

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

"Procrustean bed." That was a dead give-away to your identity. I'll see you at tonight's martini gathering. We can have a quick laugh about our priapic prig, before we move onto important issues.

Yesterday was Buddha day in Korea.

When I arrived at the colorful Korean temple, a sea of black heads lay before the temple porch - the yellow masses rocked their torsos back and forth like obsessive compulsive retards suffering a bad case of institutionalized marasmus. A monk swung a suspended log into a giant bronze bell. Bong! The Mongoloid swarm gibbered in unison ... invoking Buddha to grant health, wealth, and love. Truly Folk Buddhism is a shamanistic prosperity religion.

Compassion swelled up in my heart ... pitying these godless fools wasting their lives to an idol. I ran down the center isle, spun around to face the crowd ... and screamed with the fury of a prophet. "Buddha was a bitch!"

Their dull eyes before me froze like a crashed computer. The presiding Buddhist monk on the porch behind me, however, had more presence of mind. He looked at me. I looked at him. His black eyes of hate immediately recognized a spiritual enemy. Without blinking ... he lifted his fingers set in the Buddhist meditative position, and suddenly snapped his fingers to someone hiding within the temple behind sliding doors.

The doors slowly slid open. Out leaped a blitzkrieg of wild-eyed ex-Mormons gone beserk spinning like whirling dervishes. There are a lot of these missionary left-overs in Korea. They hopped onto bicycles stacked on the porch, mumbled a war prayer, gave me the look of Catholic inquisition ... charging-off the porch like Hell's Angels. I swear I saw spiritual flames blasting behind their bikes.

I began to run throwing off my high-heels. Don't worry, my closet is full of replacements.

Yes, my spring dress flew up ... many celibate monks who never saw a foreigness wearing a pink thonged bikini ... instantly wet themselves. I could see the demoralization on their smiling faces.

No time to apologize. An ex-Mormon flew off his bike and jumped onto my back like a monkey Ninja. I screamed: "In the name of Jesus!" It was like an angel took him by the scruff of his neck and flinged him off throwing him into the gaggle of frenzied ex-Mormons pumping their bicycles. The bikes crashed like dominoes.

I jumped into the back of my black limosine. "Home James", I said smoothing out my dress with complete composure . The vehicle lurched forward shaking off ex-Mormons now plastered onto the car roof. As their fading faces smeared spittle on my windows, I pulled out my make-up kit. Those ex-Mormons ruffled my feathers, but not my soul. Today's lipstick color will be spring fuscia with a touch of warm crimson.

Witnesses may say I lost my cool.

Yes, "God Damn niggards", I mumbled. I'll get my revenge next Buddha day.

But, really this kind of thing happens to me all the time. No big deal.

The "World" as St. Paul informs us, is not God's good creation considered "bad", but the psychological pride system within the human soul: the sinful inner dynamic seeking pride and concupiscense as substitute idols in place of radical trust in the ultimate source of creation. The world without is the sum total of this pride-system collectivized.

There is a fallen affinity between the two.

Only confession, repentence, and mortification under the auspices of Jesus Christ can disconnect this un-holy alliance.

The various political and spiritual complexes derived from this union of individual and collective are called "dominions, powers, and principalities." Eg. The demonic entity that emerges from the un-holy alliance between the US military Industrial complex, and the envious Koreans. Truly a demonic entity arising... that will someday bite America in the behind.

But, then again we must realize America is being led by traitors who want to see America fall in order to install the reign of European Union-styled "Regionalism" worldwide.

The problem is Korean voodoo (Shamanized Christianity)has been introduced into America in the form of Purpose Driven and Church Growth Movement mega-churches.
These Trojan Horses are being encouraged ... by the Catholics who hope to be the arch-ruler of these syncretic religious organizations. All voodoo is a Mau Mau movement subverting God's patriarchal systems. That goes for Catholicism, voodoo dancing in Haiti to subvert the Marines, Gays in the military, shamanized Christianity in mega-churches, C.S. Lewis's stealthy introduction of paganism into Christian hearts, and wine-bibbing posers who use allegedly "pro-social" priggishness as an "hammer of malice" against dissent. Under the guise of manly law and order, of course.


Do I offer demonic koans? No, I appeal to your reason ... trying to snap you out of the groupthink trance, and prod you to think. For this failure to obey the consensus, I am wrongfully stigmatized as a "Troll". In my worldview ... this blogger and others like him are the "consensus trolls."

Do I entertain Horace out of a sense of mission? No, you are correct ... I am a Prima Donna exhibitionist having fun. Thanks for the forum, Whore-Ass. That's all. As a girl, I have always loved to tease homosexual boys till they cried. Yes, sick pleasure... and something one day to be mortified ... but, Dear Lord (As St. Augustine said) -- "Not Yet"

Little Lord Horace Fauntleroy with his frilly laced collar, long locks, and priggish hammer of bloggin propriety ... gives me pleasure in this way. I can't help it. The plump little faggot needs a kick in his laced britches. He may not smoke strange pipe (he just won't tell us over the internet), but his spiritual orientation is quite ... let's say ... inverted.

Priapic priggishness is a red-flag signal for ambivalence(embracing two contradictory value systems at the same time) and compels repression of inconvenient truth.

I think that's why Horace won't let his light shine for all of us to see. There is no light. Just sophomoric confusion... and a Mariolatrous fantasy about Harisu.

Now, excuse me ... I have a martini party to attend.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Silly Sally, thanks for the comment. It reveals a lot about you, though it's rather below your usual standards. I guess that everyone has an off day.

Previously, I had entertained the thought that you might sincerely be a Christian (albeit of an unusual sort) trying to draw me out into dialogue about spiritual things, but I now see that it was all merely a pose.

I'm glad that I didn't take the bait.

You're still entertaining, even when you're off your game, but you're beginning to bore me.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I always leave when I am not welcome. Cheers.

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

It's to your credit. Cheers to that, Silly Sally.

I'll always remember what we had.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vodoo or Vodon? You might well ask. I once attended a rather elitist African art exhibition. It was full of VODON sculpture (voodoo being regarded as the second-wave development of the natural VODON African religion). I think Hathor has it right, though I sense a class terminology...the exhibits I saw had all the magical potency of voodoo, but I realised that it would be a distinct error to view them as this! I have to say that I find your high-class trolls to be verbose...perhaps, they should take up writing nanotexts--could be quite their forte.

At 6:12 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I'll have to look up Vodon -- never heard of it.

Yes, Silly Sally is verbose. At first, I found her posts humorous but with an intriguing intellectual core. Usually, I found something of value, even some truth in her ramblings.

But the humor began to sound like so much static, through which the 'serious' message was obscured.

Her penultimate comment lacked humor and explicitly claimed to be posting for reasons that can only be understood as malicious. In that one point of honesty, the comment was interesting, but otherwise, it bored me.

Silly Sally perhaps thought that she'd found a sensitive spot where she could jab in a needle and twist it around, but she hasn't figured me out at all.

The loose leash that I was keeping her on became a rope with which she hanged herself.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh! We spent about three minutes discussing you in the martini room. Others were bored with the subject. Your so-called loose leash designed to hang is an all too common tactic of prigs. Isn't that what we are talking about? A premeditated priggish hammer of malice seems to be your pride and joy. Really, if you had sense, it would be your shame. You appear to have a morbid interest in telling everyone how you were two moves ahead of Sally in a malicious game of checkers. Braggin about a predesigned snare to entrap Sally reveals that ungodly pride we have been talking about. I am sure intelligent third party readers can discern this. Sally told me your character structure is "priapic" meaning a preoccupation with one's psychological virility with a desire to sodomize those who transgress your ego-authority. You have been assessed. Smart folks will stay away.

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

"Smart folks will stay away."

You, however, can't resist returning, and I suppose Silly Sally will be back, too.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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