Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Poetry Break: "Ozark Creek Bed"

Fossil trilobite Redlichia chinensis
From the Cambrian of China
(Borrowed via Wikipedia)

After a Korean evening under an awning with Korean friends, too much soju, and manifold slices of pork from a monster hog hardly abstracted from the grunting beast itself, I'm not quite up this morning to discussing the etherial Pearl.

Stone, however, I can handle:
Ozark Creek Bed

Like burnt must, those old
Cambrian scents, broke from the bone-
smooth circumference of in-
stone, curling pre-pteradactylic up,
in the unfamiliar air,
and hanging in-
explicably there . . . .

I don't quite recall precisely when I wrote this ... back in the stone age, I suppose. The format doesn't reflect the offline version, unfortunately, for this is partly a visual poem.

I blame Blogger ... or society ... or childhood deprivation ... but perhaps the fault is my own.

Anyway, the third and seventh lines should be indented about five spaces, the fourth line about ten spaces, and the eighth about fifteen.

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