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The Vampire

Philip Burne-Jones, The Vampire (1897)
(Image from Wikipedia)

As long as I can recall, I've been fascinated by the image of the vampire. I don't really know much about the folklore on vampires although I thought that the word "vampire" had come into English through German but ultimately from the Slavic language family, as Wikipedia reports:
English vampire comes from German Vampir, in turn from early Old Polish *vąper' (where ą is a nasal a, and both p and r' are palatalized), in turn from Old Slavic *oper (with a nasal o) or Old Church Slavonic opiri. It is similar to Serbian verb piriti, "to swell", and to Greek apyros, "not undergone by fire." The Slavic word, like its cognate netopyr' ("bat"), comes from the PIE root for "to fly."
Yet, the Online Etymological Dictionary finds a different, albeit related etymology:
vampire: 1734, from Fr. vampire or Ger. Vampir (1732, in an account of Hungarian vampires), from Hung. vampir, from O.C.S. [Old Church Slavonic] opiri (cf. Serb. vampir, Bulg. vapir, Ukrainian uper), said by Slavic linguist Franc Miklošič to be ult. from Kazan Tatar ubyr "witch."
I'll leave the etymology to the experts. I only bring up vampires now because of yesterday's blog entry on the succubus -- which Wikipedia linked to Lilith, as readers will recall -- for Wikipedia also links the vampire to Lilith, noting that Lilith has been called "the mother of all vampires."

I recall from reading Bram Stoker's Dracula back in the 8th grade that female vampires feed on infants, which I suspect provides one link to Lilith, who was believed to prey upon infants, much as the Mesopotamian lilu did. Also, the etymology for Lilith connects her to the word for night.

Some time back, I posted a very short poem of mine, "Vampire":

Fine frost that laces window panes,
the icy-blooded vampire's veins;
seductive, sensual spoor of death,
its frozen, freezing undead breath;
one cold, controlled, alluring art,
its solitary lover's heart.

I composed this around 1992, just before I met my wife -- who seduced me away from such undead obsessions and brought me into the world of the living.

My interest in the undead is undying, however, as is that of other scholars whose interest is more scholarly than mine, such as Phil Harland, whose blog Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean notes the link between the vampire figure and Satan (at least in Bram Stoker's version), which brings us back around to Lilith.

The image above, The Vampire (1897), by Philip Burne-Jones (son of the pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones), reminds me of Henry Fuseli's two nightmare images, at least one of which also has the subtitle "Incubus," the male version of the succubus, as you will recall from yesterday's post, which again returns us to Lilith.

Interestingly, in the above image, Philip Burne-Jones has given his vampire a shadow, whereas some lore about vampires reports that they do not cast shadows.

As for me, I cast my lot with those who say that vampires don't cast shadows. Why? Because vampires don't exist ... although, in the middle of a dark night, even their nonexistence can feel creepy...


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

Very interesting post. I've always been interested (not obsessed, but interested) in vampire legends. Some fave vampire movies: Bram Stoker's Dracula, From Dusk to Dawn, John Carpenter's Vampires (character development in a vampire movie! What will they think of next?)

Fave books are the series by Charlaine Harris which are unusual in their tenor. I haven't read any other vampire books, but really got addicted to her series because the writing is enchanting.

There's another that I read once, it was about something that wasn't-quite-a-vampire and it was quite good, but the name escapes me.

I think so often the lore of the vampire was a reaction to the extremely repressed society at that time. After all, a picture of a woman in her nightthings on top of a man would be inexcusable unless she was a vampire...

At 3:17 AM, Blogger Kate Marie said...

Like Saur Kraut, I've always been interested in vampires. But only enough, really, to enjoy the various cinematic depictions of vampirism. I'd never even read Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I did recently read The Historian, though -- which was kind of a cross between a vampire book (of intermittent creepiness)and a history of Vlad the Impaler. I found it interesting in the places where it seemed to cast history itself as a vampire (or maybe as a nightmare from which we are all trying to awake?).

At 4:51 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Ian, have you read Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita? There's a useful site here ... and here.

Anyway, Bulgakov presents Grigory Danilovich Rimsky confronted by Ivan Savelyevich Varenukha, who has become a vampire, in this scene from chapter 14:

Behind the chair on the floor two shadows lay criss-cross, one more dense and black, the other faint and grey. The shadow of the back of the chair and of its tapering legs could be seen distinctly on the floor, but there was no shadow of Varenukha's head above the back of the chair, or of the administrator's legs under its legs.

"He casts no shadow!" Rimsky cried out desperately in his mind. He broke into shivers.

Varenukha, following Rimsky's insane gaze, looked furtively behind him at the back of the chair, and realized that he had been found out.

Perhaps Bulgakov has been influenced by Bram Stoker's novel, and he did read very widely, but I wonder if he's perhaps drawing upon traditional Slavic beliefs about vampires.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Saur Kraut and Kate Marie, I'm probably less knowledgeable about vampires than either of you, for I've definitely read less about these eerie creatures.

I wish that I knew more, and I have all sorts of interests that I'd like to follow up, but since I'm no vampire, time is short...

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 12:44 AM, Blogger David Niall Wilson said...

Very interesting article indeed. My own first novel, "This Is My Blood," explores the idea of Lilith and vampirism, among other things.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

David Niall Wilson, thanks for the comment. I'll try to take a closer look at your vampire-book information sometime. It sounds interesting.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 5:30 AM, Blogger David Niall Wilson said...

If you do, Jeffrey, I hope you enjoy it. I actually found your blog because my novel was mentioned in that of someone who reads yours regularly...odd how the net can send us traveling...


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: Vampire Libby Hodges

To: Gypsy Scholar

Subject: Vampires

Vampires exist in folklore and in reality in all countries and culture. I am also a hybrid vampire (sanguine, psi, elemental feeding). Although I started out as a blood drinker at (4 years old) prior to my vampiric awakening; I now feed all vampiric ways. Real Vampires are mortal humans with immortal souls through reincarnation.

Vampire souls are not satanic in nature. Vampiric souls are from Sheol/Bardo which is neither hell, nor heaven, nor purgatory nor earth, but a different spiritual realm. We vampires believe Sheol (spiritual resting place of the vampire) existed prior to creation. Sheol is the dark space that surrounded God prior to creation. It is my belief all creation came from Sheol until God created creation and light within that creation. Vampires are the indirect blood line of God by way of Angels and humans. Vampires inherit immortality from the Angelic side of our family. This immortality of the vampire soul is retained through reincarnation. From the human side of our family :we retain rebirth into this earth in mortal families with immortal souls. In each lifetime a vampire has an awakening through dreams, visions, communication with angels/spirits/God, and vampire ancestors, out of body experiences, near death experiences, astral projection that lead the vampire to believe that he or she has lived before in a past life.

The vampire faith unlike many faiths that believe in immortality through reincarnation differs in that we do not believe in past life regression. More simply stated we believe that immortality through reincarnation is our birth right/rite as vampires and the indirect blood line of God by way of angels and humans.

Past life regression believes that people are reincarnated to complete or learn some lesson that was not accomplished in past lives. The vampire life progression believes that we are reincarnated because vampires are the guardians of humanity and Iswarakotis as the Hindus might say.

Slavic Folklore breaks vampires into two groups those who are witches and will die and become vampires, and those who are dead and are vampires. In reality the vampires are a combination of both. Vampires have some spiritual gifts such as prophecy, healing the sick, spell casting, dreamweaving, and the ability to do energy work, etc.

Vampires feed several ways sanguine feeding is feeding off of blood. (I feed off of blood). Most Sanguine vampires have donors who donate blood. The blood vampire and donors are regular tested for AIDS/HIV and adhere to all OSHA and Hazmat rules of disposing of blood born pathogens. Blood can be consumed directly from veins, cooked into food, soaked into tea bags, are mixed as a cocktail with various other liquids like cranberry juice or tea.

Psi Vampires feed off the energy of other people. Elemental Vampires feed off the energy of elements such as earth, wind, fire, water. Since all things came from Sheol when the vampire feeds and takes in food no matter which way the Vampire gives off healing energy to the earth, donors, and other people.

A lot of vampires belong to Churches/Covens. I belong to House of Sheol which is a very liberal Coven you do not have to be a vampire to join House of Sheol and; we unlike many other vampires have a very open House, with the exception of protecting our individual donors.

A vampire who endangers their donor can be banished from the vampire community. Almost all houses look down on vampires who endanger the lives and privacy of donors. Vampire feeding is our holy communion with God, just as communion is the Holy communion for humans (none vampires).

Vampires refer to none Vampires as mortals which is a reference to the human mortal souls mortality.
A vampire can lose his or her immortality through reincarnation if they are a bad guardian of humanity: then when the vampire dies and returns to the Sheol they will be judged and if they are judged to be unworthy of the the Sheol (the eternal resting place of the vampire soul) then they will be stripped of their vampiric immortality through reincarnation and then their soul is at the mercy of whatever human mortals souls are at the mercy of. Most vampires respect and live by the basic good and decent codes of ethics of most major religions and have done so for centuries. In more recent years two vampires Father Sebastion and Michelle Belanger wrote the Black Veil which are codes of ethics based on Universal Concepts of how to treat others. Prior to this most vampires followed whatever code of ethics and morals they were raised with or formed on their own. I respect the black veil and may follow it unintentionally, but I had my own code of ethics and morals prior to the creation of the Black Veil. My personal code of ethics like many vampires are based on elders in my family, my own thoughts on right and wrong and studying all religions of the world such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism as well as many more.

I hope this helps you out some if you have any more questions please feel free to contact me via email.

Many Blessings,

Vampire Libby Hodges
listed below is a little more information about vampires

Various Types of Vampires Not A Complete List.
1. Prana/Psi- feed of the energy of people.

2. Sanguine- Feed off human blood and may also feed off prana.

3. Antonarian -these vampires feed off prana energy, human blood, and the energy of God. These vampires also believe they are immortal through Reincarnation, they are inhabitants of Sheol (Sheolonians) which is not hell, and are the blood of God. Antonarian vampires believe blood can be stored and consumed overtime and that blood fulfills the prophecy on the Gates of Sheol which reads "Man consumes the blood of God and the blood of God consumes the blood of man. Unlike the none specific vampire Antonarian vampires
believe that Sheol is the Life Force from which everything came from and that they are guardians of humanity so they consume the blood of man to connect to the souls of man so they maybe Better Guardians. This is the kind of vampire that I am.

4. Resonance and Elemental Vampires- Vampires who feed sanguine, prana and off of the elements such as earth, wind, fire, water masses.

5. Supine Vampires-feed off blood (sanguine) and must be invited everywhere.

6. Vampire none specific-feed off blood and believe only blood straight from the vein is contains the vampiric life force vice the vampire from Sheol being the life force of all, more likely to be devout followers of the black veil

7. Kheperian Vampires- Consume blood/psi, have high self esteem and adore compliments and praise.

8. Empath Vampires- can feel what others are feeling and can read thoughts almost all vampires have some empath or psychic gifts but the Empath Vampire is by far the most gifted in this area. The feed various ways.

Note: This is not a complete list of all the various types of vampires just the ones I have researched if anyone knows of anymore please email me and let me know. Also I speak of what I know about vampires which does not mean there is not more knowledge and details out there about all the vampires listed here and more vampires not listed here.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Vampire Libby Hodges, thanks for the extensive information. I had no idea there were so many types of vampires!

"Fascinating," as Spock might say.

What you describe is very different from the vampires who appear in literature. I feel lost.

But thank you very much for the details ... and thank you for your invitation to learn more. Perhaps if I find the time, I will seek you out for more information.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From: Vampire Libby Hodges

To: Gypsy Scholar "Jeff" Horace

Thanks very much for the compliment. If you have anymore questions are would like to chat. You can contact me at:

or at myspace at:

Many Blessings and Thanks again

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello!also,im addicted about vampire and i love topic about them,may i ask if you have already seen a vampire in true life?can they walk in daylight?and are they immortal?

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Anonymous, I don't actually believe in vampires, but you might try the website or email of Libby Hodges, whose comment is just above your own.

I don't know her, by the way, and I assume that she's not related to me.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 2:30 AM, Blogger Vampire Pope Libby Hodges said...

From: Vampire Libby Hodges

To: Gypsy Scholar (Jeffrey Hodges)

Subject: More Informatin About Real Vampires.

I hope this informaton below helps out some. I think it is funny; I have also gotten a couple of emails asking; if we are related. Sorry we are not except in our spirit and quest for knowledge about vampires. Hodges is a pretty common last name. (LOL)

Many Blessings until next time,

Vampire Libby Hodges
VAMPIRES: House of Sheol Vampire Coven


1. Sanguine Vampires-Feed off of blood and are gifted with Palo Magic.

VAMPIRES: House of Sheol Vampire Coven is against any sanguine vampirism or donorship of anyone under the age of 21; and anyone who has any blood borne pathogens (HIV, Hepatitis, Active Staph Infection, etc). If there is anything wrong with your blood; you should not be practicing sanguine vampirism or donorship. Also Sanguine Vampires should be medically tested for blood borne pathogens regularly and anytime they have a new donor. Your medical doctor should be consulted before doing this; so they can tell you all the medical risk. It is against our Coven Rules to knowingly and willingly infect anyone with any disease. This act is punished by Sin Nomine by the Coven and Criminal charges might follow from the donor/vampire infected.

2. Psychic/PRANA Vampires-Feed off of Prana from Donors; many are gifted with Energy Work, Vodou/Voodoo, Hoodoo and charging magical implements, energy: shielding, blocking, raising, transferring, and neutralizing energy (various forms of prana). PRANA IS THE HINDU NAME FOR ENERGY/LIFE FORCE. ALL LIVING THINGS, ELEMENTS, AND FORCES OF NATURE ARE MADE UP OF PRANA.

3. Elemental Vampires-Feed off of Elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and are gifted with Voodoo/Rootwork and Green/Elemental Magic.

Elemental Vampires, and hybrid vampires that donate can attract
elements such as snow, lightening, hail, rain. If you are an elemental vampire that attracts lightening; please when you purchase real estate try not to get homes that are on top of rock; or have a lot of rock in the soil. Rock attracts lightening
anyway; but if you are an elemental vampire this will be a double whammie for you; as your land may be more prone to lightening damage affecting your property and trees.

4. Hybrid Vampires-Feed a combination of methods listed above.

5. The Lifestyle Vampires:

Lifestyle Vampires are people who have not had any vampire awakening; nor do they believe they are vampires. They just enjoy dressing like what they think a vampire mignt dress like based on , vampire pop culture, vampire history/lore. Lifesytle Vampires enjoy the fellowship they have with real Vampires, Donors/Black Swans, And Vampire Coven Members/Friends. Some Lifestyle Vampires actually, really, do Vampire Feed and do Vampirecraft/Magic/Energy Work as well. Lifestyle Vampires are not part of a role playing game. The Lifestyle Vampire enjoys the Vampire Life, Vampire Code and Vampire Ways. I think of Lifestyle Vampires as Vampire Samuris; they adopt a certain way of living or the Vampire Tao/Ways. Lifestyle Vampires are not trying to exploit the vampire way of life; just follow it to the best of their ability with integrity, honor, and ethics.


Real Vampirism is not a contagious disease or curse like in the horror/science fiction movies. You are not bitten and become a vampire in real life; that is only in the movies. No one makes a pack with Satan and certain undead Vampire Gods to become a vampire. Sorry I know that sounds a lot more exciting. Also you do not have to go through some elaborate Satanic Ritual; involving buying a Vampire Bible for the some of $98.00 to become a Vampire.


Most Vampires at sometime within their life will have an awakening (visions, dreams, astral projection, vampire hunger/cravings, memories of past lives as vampires). Vampire Awakenings can happen any time in life; but many times vampire awakenings happen:

1. During puberty
2. After a Near Death Experience (NDE) or Child Birth
3. After a Traumatic or life altering experience
4. After a Long Illness
5. Vampire Awakenings Can happen anytime

During an awakening the Vampire knows without dispute within themselves; that they are a Vampire and have been a vampire in past lives. Vampires believe in an immortal vampire soul; that is reincarnated into various lives. Many vampires are the only vampires in their family; this is not unusual. It is more unusual for vampires to have vampires in their families and inherit vampire traits than not. For example I am Kickapoo/Blackfoot Indian on both sides of my family. I have one sanguine Vampire Great, Great, Great grandfather on my father's side. I also have one great Aunt Sally Mae Donelson on mother's side who was a vampire and also a Voodoo/Hoodoo Priestess. This is not the norm and rare.


Since the movie Twilight came out; everyone thinks that the Quileute Indians had vampire folklore; but in reality they did not. The only three Native American Tribes/Nations that have Vampire Folklore are: Kickapoo/Blackfoot Nation, Lakota Nation, Sioux Nation, and Cherokee Nation. The Quileute Nation do however; believe they are descended from wolves who took human form.


Here In Short Form Is The Native American Vampire Lore as best I can remember: (My granparents are all dead now so: I only bits they have told me plus what others who are also have Blackfoot Indian in them).

One Medicine Man's wife Laughing Sky was without child (barren). The Medicine Man asked the Indian Great Spirit for children. After the Great Spirit did not give the medicine man/healer's wife Laughing Sky any children. The medicine man/healer conjured Jumlin from the spiritual realm into our realm (physical world). Jumlin gave the medicine man and Laughing Sky many children.

Once Jumlin crossed over; the medicine man became the vampire familiar of Jumlin; who was a very powerful, controlling, spirit. Jumlin was what we call nowadays a Violent, Cruel, Sanguine Vampire; he fed on the blood of animals and humans by way of murder not donorship.

Jumlin did not obey the Vampire Rules of being guardians of humanity or of having donors. Murder/Violence/Abuse is Against almost all Modern Vampire Covens' Rules and is grounds for Sin Nomine; which can only be overturn by a Peccavi (unanimous Vote From all Coven Members (Vampire and None Vampire) to let a member back into the Coven). Jumlin's physical, mental, spiritual/magical powers grew stronger; until no warriors could beat him. Jumlin impregnated many women from the 10 tribes. Jumlin had many children. Jumlin killed and fed from men, women, children of the 10 tribes; it did not matter to Him. All the warriors of one village came together to kill Jumlin; because Jumlin killed Laughing Sky; while she was ill and recovering from child birth and was threatening to kill another Chief's daughter.

Jumlin took his family/Coven and hid. In order to protect them Jumlin left/scattered each family member with a different tribe. While attacking a Chief's daughter, Jumlin was killed by a band of warriors/trackers. Laughing Bear, Jumlin's son and the rest of Jumlin's Coven escaped death, married, and begot children with the descendants of the 10 tribes. Jumlin Descendants still walk among men to this day. According to Native American Vampire Lore Jumlin's Vampiric Bloodline is distributed in the Kickapoo/Blackfoot Nation, Lakota Nation, Sioux Nation, and Cherokee Nation not The Quileute Nation from the Movie Twilight. (Sorry I love the movie Twilight myself; but being Blackfoot Indian on boths sides of my family I know the real story is differnt than the movie.)

Biblical Story:

Some people believe that vampires came from the offspring of Angels and humanity. In the Bible these are referred to as the children of Nephilim. If this were true the vampires of today; would be descended from the Nephilim. Each culture has their own theory as to where, why, when, and who vampires came from. Each person has to decide for themselves what they want to believe or not.

Vampires: House of Sheol Vampire Coven does believe that we (vampires) are the guardians of humanity. Humanity is the guardian of the Vampire. I use the word guardian to mean be nice, take care of each other and look out for each other. Unlike folk lore vampire physical bodies are not the immortal undead. I believe we have immortal vampire souls; that are born into a new life each new lifetime via reincarnation. We are not like the Cherokee folklore character U`tlûñ'ta/Nûñ'yunu'ï, we do not slaughter people and eat their livers. Some of us can shape shift in the spiritual/astral realm; but not in flesh. It is a form of vampire scrying involving animal familiars (Mpungas as the Africans call them Spirit Animals). Our skin is not hard as a rock; it soft like most other human skin. There is no secret in the Vampire Community to ban together and kill all the humans. Most Vampires Work, Live, Marry, Date, Go to School with none Vampires.

If we never told none vampires; we were real vampires; they would not even know it; unless they are familiars/donors or have Vampires in the family. I guess this is like; if you are an American overseas; you might be able to pick out another American just by sight without even talking to them. Donors/Familiars also have their own form of magic/craft and are very important to any Vampire Coven. Some Vampires are very pale because of genetics (ivory skin); but for the most part Real Vampires do not have pale skin, that looks like a dead person's unless something is medically wrong like:

1. porphyria
2. blue blood/blue baby syndrome
3. Cyanotic heart defects
4. Tetralogy of Fallot
5. Dextro-Transposition of the great arteries
6. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome,
7. Tricuspid atresia
8. Congenital Methemoglobinemia
9. Respiratory distress syndrome

In our hearts after birth there is a wall that separates the venous side of the heart from the artery side of the heart. Sometimes this wall is underdeveloped or does not close up after birth. So artery and venous blood are mixing together (blue blood/blue baby syndrome). Extra valves, veins, arteries sometimes with blue blood/blue baby syndrome allow venous and artery blood to mix together. I am convinced this heightened my craving for blood. Now that I am not a blue baby anymore or what they call blue blood/blue baby syndrome; (I had the surgery to fix this problem on 3/17/09).

This was a minor surgery involving a laser to close up the wall and close off the extra valves, veins, arteries in the heart. They go in through the inner side of the thigh by the bikini area on the right leg with a camera and laser. Now I barely crave blood at all. The largest group of Vampires are prana/psychic Vampires like Michelle Belanger (author who writes about real prana, vampirism). The second largest group of Vampires is elemental Vampires. The Third largest group are Prana/Elemental Hybrids. The smallest, and rarest group of real vampires are sanguine. Sanguine Vampires are the minority not the majority in the real vampire community.

My heart defect was not caught at birth; it was compounded; when I got asthma in the military; and lived in Alaska for 2 1/2 years with no sunlight for 6-8 months out of the year. I craved blood more; when I was in Alaska with no sunlight. When I came back to the contiguous 48 states with normal days and nights and proper sunlight; I rarely craved blood; and only consumed it 2-3 times a year.

In November 2007 a Staph Infection of the Blood from surgery and Prinzmetal angina also caused complications with my blue blood/blue baby syndrome; which made it necessary to correct the blue blood/ blue baby syndrome with very minor heart surgery. Congenital Blue Blood/Blue Baby Syndrome in adults may cause skin to seem pasty/pale and slightly blue. My family notice more than I did; I am African American; so I got a good tan anyway. My sisters would tell me to stop bleaching my skin like Michael Jackson. I have never bleached my skin; I like being brown. My Blue Blood/Blue Baby Syndrome that was not corrected at birth caused this problem. Had I not gotten sick from the staph I would have never even had a problem with my heart.

Blue Baby Syndrome has not been fatal for over 50 years; and was never fatal in adults like me. Vampires who have blue baby syndrome should drink the recommended 8-12 glasses of water, avoid excessive nitrates, eat a portion of fresh meat the size of deck of cards, avoid cured meats, take daily vitamins, and eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruits, and let their doctors know if condition worsens. I would have never even had a problem; as long as I stayed away from water with heavy nitrates/nitrites in them; and never got that staph infection in 2007 which damaged my heart and cause the blue baby syndrome to act a fool and cause havoc on my health and electrophysiology system.


Not all members of a vampire coven are vampires. You do not have to be a vampire to join most vampire covens. Some Covens have open admission; some have initiations. Most covens are dedicated to Vampire Rights, Donors Rights and Safety, and also to keeping humanity safe as well. Vampire Covens consist of:

1. Vampires
2. Priest/Ministers/Clergy which may or may not be vampires
3. Energy Workers
4. Practitioners of Magic
5. Donors
6. Acolytes (people who help with rituals and magic)
7. Friends and Family members of Vampires/Donors


Vampires can belong to any Faith and still belong to a Vampire Coven; but the belief in Vampirism is a form of Faith in itself; that is a part of all Faiths and also consist of the following concepts.

1. Belief in Vampires

2. Belief in the Immortal Vampire Soul

3. Belief in Donors/Black Swans

4. Belief that Vampires are the Guardians of Humanity

5. Belief that humanity/Donors/Black Swans are the Guardians of the Vampires

6. Belief in the Vampirecraft/Donorcraft (a form of magic)

7. Belief in reincarnation

8. Belief in Vampire/Donor Rights and the Rights of Vampire Coven Members

9. Belief in the freedom to worship and call God/Goddess by whatever name has been given to you by your Higher Power.

10. Belief in Energy (Sanguine, Prana/Psi, Elemental, Hybrid)

11. Belief that Vampires are born into various families of various Faiths; so that the faith and morals of humanity can be intertwined with the Faith and Morals of the Vampire.

12. Belief that Vampire Feeding/Donorship (Sanguine, Prana, Elemental, Hybrid) should be safely done between consenting, disease free, adults age 21 and above).

13. Belief that only Vampires and Donors over the age of 21 who are HIV/AIDS Negative, do not have Hepatitis, Staph or any other blood borne pathogens; should be the only people practicing safe sanguine vampirism/donorship. Anyone who violates the rule should be subject to Sin Nomine in the vampire community in addition to criminal laws of the land. A Sin Nomine is only overtuned by a Peccavi; unanamous vote by ALL COVEN MEMBERS (Vampires, Donors/Black Swans, Familiars, Empaths, Witches, Kin, Friends/Family. ETC) to let the person back into the Coven.

14. Belief in the Vampire Awakening as a profound experience that lets the vampire know without dispute within themselves; that they are Iswarakoti Vampires immortal though reincarnation and born into each lives as vampires who may or may not experience an awakening.



1. Beefamato-can be found at a large liquor store

2. Beef, Iron and Wine
Eve Sales Corporation
945 Close Ave
Bronx, NY 10473
Phone 718 - 589 - 6800
Fax 718 - 617 - 6717
product number 280400
Eves Beef Iron, and Wine can also be used to cut the taste of blood/other blood supplements.

3. Vampire Vineyards
TI Beverage Group, LTD.
9107 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 425
Beverly Hills, CA
Tel: 310 VAMPIRE or 310 274-6600
Fax: 310 860-1837
Vampire Wine, Vampyre Vodka can be mixed with blood or blood supplemnets to help cut the taste of blood/blood supplements. Many vampires crave blood; but simply do not like the way blood/blood supplements taste. If you are over 21 and are healthy HIV Negative and Negative for all other blood borne pathogens but do not like the taste of blood; you can try beef blood; Vampire Wine or Vodka can be used to cut and compliment the taste of beef blood/or any other supplement.

I like V8 Juice, Dash of Hot Sauce, Vampyre Vodka, (optional blood/blood supplements).

Vampires: House of Sheol does not support any sanguine donorship or vampirism by anyone:
1. under the age of 21
2. Anyone infected with HIV/AIDS
3. Anyone infected with an active/untreated Staph Infection
4. Anyone Hepatitis
5. Anyone with Any other blood borne Pathogens that can be transmitted to another human being via blood.
Vampires: House of Sheol does not support any Vampires or donors practicing sanguine vampirism or donorship that have any blood borne pathogens or who are under the age of 21. This is a very strict rule of our Coven and violating this rule is grounds for sin nomine. (Banned From The Coven). Also this kind of behavior might lead to criminal assault charges as well. We all must do our best to Keep the Vampire/Donor community healthy. There are always alternatives instead of risking someones health; there supplements listed on this list, prana feeding, and elemental feeding as well.

Vampire Vineyards
TI Beverage Group, LTD.
9107 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste. 425
Beverly Hills, CA
Tel: 310 VAMPIRE or
310 274-6600
Fax: 310 860-1837
Can also be mixed with blood/blood supplement to compliment and cut the taste.

5. clamatow

6. pomegranate juice

7. Hema-plex- Multinutrient Hemantinic Supplement

8. beef blood

9. Iron Supplements

10. Chocolate

11. Yoga

12. Meditation

13. Red Wine (Vampire Wine Brand is good)

14. A Good Multivitamin

15. V8 Juice The low sodium, Healthy heart Formula this one meets the American Heart Associations criteria for saturated fats, cholesterol for healthy people over age 2. Anything that is good for our heart is good for vampires because blood is pumped by the heart.

16. Vitamin E

17. CoQ10 for the heart

18. Chanting

19. Pedisure or Nutrisure/Ensure

20. Baby food Beets

21. Ritual/Prayer/Magic

22. Garlic (garlic is good for the heart and the heart pumps blood)

23. Omega3 Fish Oil is Good for the heart which pumps blood.

24. Bitter Melon Extract -rich in charantin. Charantin supports transportation sanguine glucose blood into body's cells where it can be used for VAMPIRE ENERGY.

25. Autovampirism the drinking of ones own blood gets you in touch with the LWA Vampire Ghede La Croix of your own blood line; that have been in the blood and heads of your ancestors for years. LWA/Angels/LOA/LOI are spirits in Vodou.

If you can not openly, honestly, discuss things with your medical doctor; then you probably should not be doing them

27. Chromium GTF Polynicotinate

28. Psi Feeding-this is a very good supplement. I am convinced that ALL vampires are hybrids and can psi feed; if they would only practice and give it a try. You can draw energy from God, Angels, religious worship of any faith, the living creatures (spirit guides, friendly ghost, willing souls that have past on to the ethereal realm, fairies, leprechauns, elves, any kin, humans, unicorns, mermaids, snakekin). Do not laugh I believe all these creatures exist in the spirit realm; but if you do not that is OK we all have different beliefs. Always meditate, pray and give thanks for the energy I have received. Also you can use this energy to do healing energy work on others. (giving and receiving energy are both important).

29. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract -Herb

30. Elemental feeding-You can take the prana or energy out of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. Remember to give back to such as; if you draw energy from trees maybe plant a tree or donate to the rainforest. If you draw energy from water/storms or rivers support a project to stop pollution.

31. Steak, Liver, or cow hearts.

32. Fenugreek Extract-For Vampire Energy

33. Glucobetic- has at least 12 ingredients good for Vampire Energy and Spiritual Well Being.

34. Spinach

35. Broccoli

36. Red meat

37. Boost

38. Honeycakes

39. Goats Milk

40. Palm oil (rubbed massaged into skin to sooth anxiety from lack of vampire feeding)

41. Coconut water/juice/coconuts, mixed with salt/Kosher salt can be mixed into water in order to soak liver in it before cooking.

42. Beets

43. Radishes

44. Pediasure

45. Nutri cals

46. OLives

47. Peanut butter

48. Beans/Soy Beans

49. Lamb and rice/Chicken and Rice/Turkey and Rice

50. Cinnamon

I have found that by doing all this above I only have to sanguine feed 1-3 times a year.

HERE IS A LIST OF VAMPIRE REFERENCE BOOKS: Some books have only a few important sentences others have a whole volumes of information to help you.

1. Psychic Development For Beginners- William W. Hewitt
2. Wicca Craft-Gerina Dunwich
3. The Holy Angels-Mother Alexander
4. Shades of Sheol- Philip S. Johnson
5. Gothic Grimoire-Konstantinos
6. Vampire Grimoire-Father Sebastion (if you can find anything by him
it is good) co author of black veil this is rare book now.
7. Old Souls- Tom Shroder
8. The Earth Path -Starhawk (most elemetal vampires will benefit from
Native American studies)
9. Past Lives- Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick
10. The Vampire Book-J. Gordon Melton
11.Witches Spell-A- Day Almanac-
12-Using You Chakras- Ruth White
13. The Psychic Vampire Codex- Michelle Belanger (a very published
psi vampire and co-author of Black Veil)
I think the black veil or ok guidelines but of course one can not agree with all things.
14. The Science of Vampires-Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D) if vampires do not exist then maybe since she has a doctorare she should chose another subject of interest. What do yo think.
15. Psychic Vampires-Joe H. Slate, Ph. D.
16. The Healer's Manual-Ted Andrews
17. Spirit Guides and Angels Guardians- Richard Webster
18. Charm Spells & Formulas-Ray T. Marlbrough
19. Beyond Reincarnation-Joe H. Slate PH.D
20. Magi- Adrian Gilbert
21. The Sacred Pipe-Black Elk
22. Forest of the Vampire-Charles Phillips and Associates
23. Santeria- Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
24. Rituals and Spells-Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
25. Vampires in Their Own Words-Michelle Belanger
26. Vampire Ritual Book-Michelle Belanger
27. Book of Shadows-this is a blank book for you tor record your own own spells, chants, and rituals in as well as any vampire information that you think is important.

Lady Adriana
M. Belanger,
J. Coughlin,
Sebastiaan Van Houten,
K. Ramsland

At 3:49 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Vampire Libby Hodges, thanks for the information. Rather lengthy, actually, and I usually delete such long posts, but it's informative and addresses some points raised in previous comments. Generally, however, it's best in comments to summarize and link to a post at your own site.

You'll get more visitors that way, too.

Jeffery Hodges

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There are two Lord Marks?

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