Sunday, June 26, 2005

Heading for Singapore's AAR/SBL Conference

I'm exhibiting the gypsy aspect of my character today as I head for Singapore to present two papers at the annual International Conference of the AAR/SBL .

For those wondering, these two acronyms AAR and SBL stand for American Academy of Religion and "Society of Biblical Literature," respectively.

I assume that Singapore has good internet connections, but I hope that blogging on isn't too expensive. If afforable blogging is possible, I intend to blog from there and report on things that interest me.

I might even blog on the conference itself.

But knowing me -- and I've known me for a long time -- I'm likely to blog on humorous, exotic, or interstitial matters.

Speaking of things interstitial, I might take some time off to tour The Interstitial Library.

You say that you've never heard of such a thing? Obviously, you've never read Jorge Luis Borges. Not that he ever explicitly mentions it . . . but it's there in his Library of Babel if you look hard enough.

But I'm gettiing off topic. See you from Singapore.


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