Monday, June 29, 2015

A Novelist Appears . . . Tim Fitts

Tim Fitts

I received a note just recently from a novelist telling me that he likes a story by Jang Jung-il that my wife and I translated:
My name is Tim Fitts, and I am a novelist currently living in Philadelphia. I wanted to drop a quick note and say that I just picked up When Adam Opens His Eyes, and from the first page, am really enjoying the voice and character. I'm constantly looking for new books to teach in my classes here and will spend the next month organizing my fall reading list.
He also mentioned a novel of his to be translated into Korean, The Soju Club, which will apparently appear in Korean before it appears in English. I hadn't heard of Mr. Fitts, so I looked him up and quickly saw that he is an up-and-coming writer who has published in well-known literary journals, such as Granta, which informs us:
Tim Fitts lives and works in Philadelphia with his wife and two children. His stories and photography have appeared in journals such as The Gettysburg Review, The New England Review, CutBank and others.
The Korea connection behind his soju novel? He has taught here, the last time in 2005. For more on the man, Google his name. He doesn't seem to have a website, but his name does appear on a variety of literary journal sites . . .

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