Sunday, August 24, 2014

Islamic State Gives Yazidis a Free Choice!

Yazidis Freely Converting to Islam
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Contrary to the bad press that the Islamic State has been getting on the Yazidi problem, the Islamic State is actually helping the Yazidis! Says who? Says the Islamic State: "ISIS Justifies Its War on Yazidis: We Called on Them to Convert to Islam First."
In a video posted online on August 20, 2014, an ISIS commander explains that they offer the Yazidis a chance to convert to Islam before killing them. "The Islamic State does its utmost for the repentance of any infidel - Yazidi, Crusader [i.e., Christian], or Jewish," the commander claims. The video shows a scene of mass conversion, with a hall full of Yazidi men reciting the two shahadas. (Memri Transcript 4438 - video here)
These captive infidel Yazidis were offered a free choice: Convert to Islam and inherit paradise with its 72 virgins or remain in your pagan sins and inherit hellfire through beheading. You see? The choice is absolutely free.

The Islamic State will be happy to offer everyone this attractive choice as well. Be ready, anyway, for the ISIS says you will also get this choice. It's only a matter of time . . .



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