Friday, November 12, 2021

Planned It

My copy of this year's Emanations, When a Planet was a Planet, was recently released (October 3, 2021) by Carter Kaplan (Editor), and my copy has now arrived. 

As ninth in this anthology series, it is dedicated to the dishonorary exclusion of Pluto from the category "Planet." Here's what you'll find in this volume:

The ninth volume of the critically acclaimed Emanations literary anthology series, Emanations: When a Planet was a Planet presents stunning new art, illustrations and writing from around the world. The forty-two contributors represent South Korea, Canada, India, Oman, France, Nigeria, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, the Philippines, Sweden, Japan and the United States. Comprising a broad range of graphic and literary expressions, this new volume wonderfully sustains International Authors' commitment to innovation and experimentation, with unusual visual pieces, intriguing artists' statements, idiosyncratic memoirs, dynamic poetical constructions and cutting-edge speculative fiction.

The publisher is International Authors, and you can learn more at the website, which I'd link to, but the software won't allow me to do so right now, so that link is pending.


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