Sunday, November 01, 2020

Mischief in Literary Affairs

I told my historian friend of my recent mischief in literary affairs:

I've lately been writing parodies of Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot, specifically, by having their imaginary brothers Extra Pound and P.S. Eliot appear on my blog as authors of poems. Here's a recent one by P.S. Eliot, who has, surprisingly, turned out to be critical of his more famous brother.

Here is the poem, which I blogged on several days ago:

P.S. Eliot: Said Lust for War

Why should my brother T.S. garner praise
for the Wasteland of his writing that lays
into the Westland sharper than unknown
legislators, who sharpen quills, atone
for the sins of Europa's sons, with thrills
of medieval mystery plays, whose chills
run down the spinelessness they so bristle
like quills more mighty than misled missile,
said lust for war, that is the dead'ning lust:
Show me that famed fear, that handful of dust.

My friend wrote back:

Many thanks for the excellent poem and the introduction to your brilliantly named appendices Extra Pound and P.S. Eliot.

My friend has high standards, so if he says "excellent" and "brilliant," who am I to demur?


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