Thursday, November 26, 2020

Curt Niccum, briefly

In Curt Niccum, "Toward Locating Eucharistic Theology in the Fourth Gospel," an essay appearing in Eucharist and Ecclesiology: Essays in Honor of Dr. Everett Ferguson (2017), edited by Wendell Willis, we find a brief reference to my doctoral thesis (in a passage pertaining to the eucharist and the Passover in the Fourth Gospel) and a call for re-examining the eucharist in light of the Passover:

Additional passages [in John] have been interpreted eucharistically and perhaps should be revisited in light of the Gospel's macrostructures. See the extensive and sometimes overreaching study of Hodges, "Synecdoche."

This is from footnote 28 of Niccum's article (page 116 of Willis's edited essays, Eucharist and Ecclesiology). It's a short reference, but a brief cover is better than no cover at all. Except for that overreaching bit . . .


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