Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Daze of Yore Explained

The odd word "yore" comes down to us from the days of yore. In those days of yore, one spoke like this: "The days of 'yore.'" Ain't nobody talk like that these days of non-yore. Anyways, I hope I've clarified this old word for you'uns. You're welcome. Here's a poem to demonstrate the use of "Yore":

Days of Yore

Once upon the olden days of yore,
before Vikings shed for gold much gore,
before war taught to sing
of the great warrior king,
one must admit, life was such a bore.

I don't zackly agree with this poem's message, but jus' 'member, "Yuh don' write a poem. Yuh find one."


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