Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why Limericks?

Here's Why Limericks

The limerick genre of poetry is often used to offer an exaggerated depiction of some individual, so exaggerated that we can consider the individual a fictive individual, though there will be points of contact between the fictive individual in the limerick and the real individual outside the limerick.

No one should therefore take the fictive "Pound" of these limericks as the real "Pound" outside the limericks. They share some points, of course. The fictive "Pound" is described as a fascist and a traitor, and these two points are shared with the real "Pound." But the fictive "Pound" denounced as an "S.O.B. f**ker" in one of the limericks might bear no similarity to the real "Pound" outside that limerick.

Or as Edward Lear would say, "Such such is laugh."



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